Hidden Meadows Golf Course

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Not a bad course.   Cheapest public course in town due mostly imo to course conditions.  They have a deal going now monday-Thursday play all day with cart for 25 bucks.  The only problem that has happened to me the last 4 times I've been there is that there is one group of 3,4 or sometimes 5 thatg is a total logjam for the whole course.  A couple times I just skipped holes because they are really slow and WILL NOT let anyone play thru.  The marshall there that doesn't get there till noon will not do his job and tell them to speed up or allow play throughs.  I asked the general manager if they ever get complaints about this group.and she said all the time but they've asked them several times to show some golf etiquette but they just won't.  They are totally scared to say something and it's not my place to because it would be a bad confrontation and plus, that's what marshalls are for.  Until this problem is addressed I won't be back.  Ol colony, capstone club and woodland forrest (private but if you call, they'll sometimes let you play for cheap) are definitely better options.

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