Hidden Hollow Country Club

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I tried this course today and I would not go back.1st I went there a few months back and wanted to play by myself and they denied me as they do not take singles. I guess they had an issue with a person dying on the course playing by himself so I kinda understand.

Today when I went we were harassed by the guy running it. He made us break up our group around the 3rd hole saying we were slowing people down. We did let 1 group through because we were kinda slow but at the time he did this we had a 1 hole gap between us and the next group. I didn't have a problem with being broken up, I did have a problem with the way he handled it, he flat out screamed at us and made it clear he already had our money so I had the impression he was expressing you better listen or I will kick you out with no refund. Very inappropriate. I will not go back. Middlebrook across the street is a nicer course for less money it was $22 to play there middlebrook is only $18.

Something else to make a note of is where they put the tee boxes, because it was basicly out of season they moved the tee boxes to random area's next to the regular area so they could redo the area's. Their selection was poor and on the 7th hole it they have you teeing off on a uneven surface.

Also Swansea country club and Toussiet are good alternatives within 10 minutes

Also bring cash no credit cards. Course conditions are borderline at best

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The woman who runs this place is extremely rude and unfriendly.  I used to love this course as a kid but now I'd rather give my money to someone else.  

The last time I played here there was nobody on the course.  My buddy was hungry so we popped in the clubhouse and he ordered a hot dog.  She replies that they're not ready.  

So we go back out, play a few more holes, then come back about a half hour later to see if the dogs are done.  She again replies that they're not ready.  Confused, we ask when they'll be ready.  She screams at us that she's not making hot dogs today, just sandwiches!  

Somehow stating that the hot dogs aren't ready translates into they're in the refrigerator and I have no intention of cooking them.  This seemed to make perfect sense to her.

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