Hidden Creek Country Club

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Certainly the worst food in Northern Virginia, probably the worst food in the entire DC metro area and my candidate for the worst food on the east coast of the United States.
Our theory is that they show the people in the kitchen a photograph of some dish and say "This is what Americans like to eat, make this" and they do, leaving out any taste, spirit or effort.

I mean how bad a good do you have to be to make a lousy hamburger? It's a hamburger, you fry it and slap between some bread, but yet they made a lousy hamburger but I suppose once you've got a badly made food theme going on, why ruin by making something good?  

The problem seems to begin on several levels....cheap ingredients is the main issue followed by poor cooking skills and a lack of knowledge of what the dish in question is suppose to taste like.

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I was a member here for a couple of years and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the golf course and most of all the fellow MGA members. There is always a game to get into, and the tournament culture is fantastic.

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