Hickory Hollow Golf Course

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First time golfing here. Had a blast. Not a great course, but very fair. Picture perfect day. Used a groupon?, or golfer.com  coupon. $18 for 18 holes, plus a dog and chips included. Great deal in my book.

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Awful experience. Deb was very unprofessional and rude. I attended a Fundraising event for my friend, whose son passed away 5 years ago at the age of 5 from brain cancer. This was the 2nd annual golf outing in which she raises money for St. Jude Hospital. My friend brought a lot of business to this Golf Course. Deb, being rude as she could possibly be, was singling out and picking on the younger attendees. We were all there for one cause. She specifically cut my friend and I off from drinking because she (and I quote) did "not like my attitude." She claimed she told me not to walk on the green, but apparently I walked on it. I apologized and told her I did not hear her say that to me. (I'm not a golfer in the first place so I wasn't even sure what i walked on!). She then proceeded to point her finger at me and yell at me to go to the club house because I was not golfing. She had no reason to treat me in the manner that she did. At the clubhouse, she was pointing at me and my friend as she was talking to the bartenders and instructed them not to serve my friend and me. I had had a single beer in the 4 hours I had been there, as had my friend, so we weren't "drunk" and should not have been cut off. When I asked Deb what her reasoning for cutting me off was, she said she simply did not like my "attitude" and she can cut off whoever she wants to. I told her that was not professional and wasn't right which angered her even more. Apparently Deb like to use her authority to scare people and if they don't succumb to her requests, she has a b*tch-fit. She then told me she wanted me off her property. She kicked me out of a fundraising event for my friend's child. Unbelievable. Deb is clearly a cold, heartless woman. Beware of Deb. I do not reccommend Hickory Hollow Golf Course unless you like to be treated like a child.

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I am a new(er) golfer, while I was never there in its earlier (and from what I hear worse course) years. I enjoyed the course and found that everyone was helpful and having a good time and enjoying themselves. Its a nice lower cost course compared to some of the higher prices. For a guy like me that shoots over a 100, I don't really care to be spending top dollars at one of the nicer courses until I can appreciate it and not be swearing, taking the lords name in vain, cursing whores etc for most of the time. SO if your looking for an affordable place to go out and enjoy nature while chasing your ball through the rough and trying to fish your ball out of water hazards and doing the above mentioned cursing, this is a nice place to do it.
I will update my review after we hold our 1st Annual Six Degrees Glow Golf Event on Sep 8th, 2012. But they seem to be very helpful and accommodating to groups.

I did break a club on a tree but it was purely my fault trying to act like some PGA golfer instead of kicking the ball out from under the tree like my golf partner suggested. Totally not the trees fault.

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