Hickory Heights Golf Club

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I like the course here. It is challenging enough, but not so hard that it will discourage the average golfer from coming here.

My latest visit to this course has got me wondering about this place though. I am no snob when it comes to golf, but I am a firm believer that you should at least wear a polo shirt to the golf course. My round here last weekend was like My Big Redneck Family Golf Trip. I honestly expected Tom Arnold to pop out from behind a tree at any moment and say they were filming a show for CMT. There was an overabundance of people wearing mesh shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers. This in itself wasn't so terrible. I guess not everyone can have the fashion sense of John Daly or Jesper Parnevik on the golf course. What really bothered me about the numerous groups of people looking like this, was their behavior. I have never experienced so much hooting and hollering on a course, when it was not a charity outing where they encourage you to drink as much booze as possible. People were screaming about shots and flying around in carts while you were trying to hit. The play was also so slow. Nobody started for 20 minutes when my group teed off on the first hole, somehow we got to the third tee and there were several groups backed up on our green and the next tee box. The simple solution to this would be to have a course ranger, but there was not one in sight.

I will say that this negative review on the overall experience will not prevent me from returning, however more experiences like this would definitely remove this course from the list of places I will golf.

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