Hickam Par 3 Golf Course

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Yesterday my son and I went to the Par 3 to get quick 9 holes for old times (I took him here in the past to help with his hand/eye coordination for baseball during the off season).  Then we met one of his co-workers/friends from NJ, it was a blast.  The greens still need some work, even-though they irrigated them a couple of weeks ago.  It will be nice if some of the staff would be more friendlier (but it seems like that is a pre-req to work there...cheer up and spread some Aloha Spirit !!!) But the over all, the time we spent together was priceless!!!!

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Went on a weekday afternoon and I felt like I had all 9 holes to myself.  Perfect way to brush up your irons and approach shots.

Greens were a little bit slow for my taste, fairways were mainatined decently.  No traps or hazards, so it's a super forgiving course.

Great place for novices and beginners or those wanting to feel good about getting on in 1 shot.

Nice little pro shop too and the guy was super helpful.  $9-11 for the round and $2.50 for the push cart.

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Nice and easy course!

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It's been a long time since I've golfed.  This par 3 was perfect for brushing up on the game and reminding myself how hard golf really is.  The course itself is small, only 9 holes, but the landscaping was great.  It wasn't too crowded which is always a plus.  I hate going to par 3s that load up the starting times and all of the groups get too jumbled together.  Nothing is worse than getting rushed or having to let people play through.  Overall, this golf course is a very good place to play a short round.  I would recommend this to those who aren't looking for a full round of golf, or for those who who are looking to clean up their short game.

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For a simple par 3, this course is perfect on working on improving your shots, especially the short game. It is a very basic course, but as you're not paying much, it is perfect. I don't even think they have carts available as it is a super easy course to walk - my husband and I have done both the push carts and carried (we have carry bags). Carrying is easy, especially as you don't even need to bring all your clubs.

A good course to get out for a few hours, practice some shots, have a few drinks and be out in the sun. If you have people learning (kids or adults) this would be a great course to take them to - there is no pressure to hurry and everyone seems relaxed to allow those in front of them to take their time.

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