Hiawatha Golf Course

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It is what it is, and that is a city maintained, inexpensive public golf course.  The proximity to my house makes me reallllly wish this was as nice as some of the other Minneapolis Parks Golf Courses, except if it was it would probably be more expensive, golf deals through Tee Master make this a very affordable course.

At the time I went this year there were 2 greens under repair and that obviously stinks, however I have played here when all systems are go and the quality doesn't improve that much.  The majority of the other greens were bumpy and just all around poor shape.  Tee Boxes were also in rough shape, everything could use a good mowing at the course and I hope once it dries out a little more things improve.  This has been one of the wettest years in Minnesota history so far.

I do like the distance at this course compared to the other Minneapolis Parks Courses, it is definitely the longest and good for busting out the Hammer.  There are nice mature trees and of course some holes that play along Lake Hiawatha and other water hazards.  

All in all I will be back and golf here again, it is just too convenient not to.  I would suggest anyone that has golfed other Parks Courses to try it out, just remember, It is what it is.

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Played last week. Easily the worst shape course I have ever played. 18$ because two greens are unplayable. More like 10 greens. Manager guy said it will be better in June. I won't be back to see.

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I've played a few public courses in the cities and this is by far the worst. We're in the middle of a drought, yet somehow this course was soaked and full of mud. The worst part (other than the craters in the greens) was that three holes didn't even have greens. They were just spray painted spots on the fairway that said, "one stroke". I hit a great shot from 150 yards out and landed 5 feet from the hole. I could have one-putted for a birdie, but instead I had to chip into the circle then take the extra stroke.

Never playing here again.

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Recently ventured off to this course to kill some time and get a game in but was not happy with majority of the holes. It was just not in a good shape at all. It seems that the weather has not been helping the course and it is in a terrible shape. I have heard some good things about this place from a buddy that normally plays here but even he was disappointed in the way the place looked. Hoping to give it another try once the weather starts to cooperate and the course gets much better.

Even though the course was in a bad shape (mainly on the green or what appeared to be green at times) it was still fun to play through. There is a good mixture of sand traps and water holes (that thankfully my ball avoided) that made it an enjoyable experience. I got to say the free cart rental did make my day :) The prices to play a game seems to be reasonable (about $19).

For now I would recommend trying somewhere else if you want to get a good game in and not be bothered by the lack of a decent course.

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Just finished 18 at this ... track.  The course was in AWFUL condition.  I almost asked for my money back.  Not sure what happened but they've lost several greens.  Several fairways are questionable at best.  I would avoid this place until you hear it's back in order.

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