Heroes Golf Course

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This a very small and tight course. It's great for honing your short game. Extremely friendly staff. If you're over 55 you can play all day for $10.00. I love the fact that it's rarely crowded. They've just put in a whole new irrigation system as well as mats to hit your tee shots from. I'm told that they will also be planting new grass in front of the mats for those of us who prefer to hit all shots from the turf. They're really working hard to make this a great little par three course. And it's so close to my winter home I can jump over play 9 or more and still have time for chores. Give it a try the tiny greens will really improve your short game. And if there's no one behind you play two balls. I'll give it all five stars when they redo the greens as well.

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If you want to improve your short game. This might be the course for you. As Nicholas S. mentioned, the course is a little rough around the edges. When you do get on a groomed course, it will be smooth sailing.  What if all service flags were displayed. Start the day by raising the colors. Play "To the Colors" on a CD. VETS could give the 'Hand Salute'.
It would truly be a 'Heroes Golf Course'. Word will get around and just might stir up a little business.

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Quirky golf course. Short 9 hole par 3 golf course. Open 7 days, sunrise to sunset.

The course design is a little strange and it is hard to navigate the course. An example is that once you have played hole 4, you have to walk back and the tee box for hole 5 is next to the 4th.

Located in the large VA hospital complex. It is well sign posted.

Full review on my website.

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great place for the old timers and vets to spend time at. However, it didnt work for me. I wil not play in this course again. its almost like a pitch and putt!

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Played this course today with a friend and it was a blast.
Now I had absolutely no expectations going into this, but if you're expecting something well-groomed, this isn't the place. It's a little rough around the edges, but is just really fun to go out and practice your short game. You can tell that the people who work it love the place and really work hard to take care of it as well as their resources allow.

I think the longest hole was marked 170 or so, but overall it's a very short 9 hole course.

It was completely empty because we went on a Tuesday night, and it was $12. You really can't beat that, especially in the immediate LA area. I think the closest best thing is Westchester night golf.

I could see it being a little hectic if there were more people out there, especially since the holes are so close together. But go on a Tuesday night and if you get hit by a ball, I'll come apologize.

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