Hemlock Ridge Golf Course

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I played here this morning and although it is a beautiful area, this course has a few glaring problems that caught my attention.

First, my biggest peave at a golf course, no yardage.  Anywhere.  There may have been a blue or white stake here and there, but for the most part, I was guesstimating my yardage the entire round.  So if you hit a good shot, what good is it if you are a club or two long/short.  No yardage, no good.

Second, the fairways.  Not really too fair.  This course has one length of grass, which is not too short.  So if you stripe one down the middle, your lie sucks.  And if you totally blow it, you are not penalized.  It is not that difficult to change blades and vary grass lengths even if you are struggling for resources.  No fairway, no good.

Third, pace of play.  I am not great, and my cohorts were a few strokes above my handicap and we were wiating on every tee for about 10 minutes.  Perhpas it was the random, 5-some, then twosome, then threesome, then twosome.  With the help of a starter, you kind of wrangle people up at the first tee, group them up and keep things moving.  No starter, no good.

Upon going into the proshop to inquire about a refund for the second nine that we paid for (whoops), we saw signs that made us worried about the refund.  "NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER".  Well, as it turns out, their bark being louder than their bite, they amiably refunded our cash for the second nine.  +1 star for that.

Worcester County golf courses are in the category of "struggling".  If you are in this area, your best bet is Kettle Brook Golf Club in Paxton, MA (see review).

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