Heathrow Country Club

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As a preamble and tooting my horn a little here, but my last 6 reviews are all "first reviews", most with photos - four of them written TODAY!  Is that a record, Colleen?  Do I get some sort of Yelp special honor badge?  What did I win?

Back to the Heathrow Country Club... We've had a couple of business meetings here over the past few years.  The facility is quite nicely decked out, and suitable probably for 80-100 people.  I'm not sure if there are no breakout rooms or just that we've never used them.  The bar and dining room are comfortable and well appointed.  Having had a few meals during the course of 3 days, what I found monotonous that first night (same old creamy rich sauce) blossomed into more interesting treatments.  I was ultimately left with a good impression of their kitchen.  Staff are generally polite and helpful.

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I really enjoy this golf course.  If you're invited by a member, you certainly should take advantage.   They do a great job keeping it in shape, even when the area suffers through dry conditions.  
  The layout starts off with a very easy par 4, but from there the challenge begins.  The 2nd hole is an elevated tee-box par 5 where water comes into play.  In fact, water DOESNT come into play on only about 6 holes.   The signature hole here is clearly the par 3 number 12, which is an island green.  You can really psyche yourself out when looking at an island, and I've left a few short here as well as a few where I flew the green.  SPLASH!!!

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