Hazeltine National Golf Club

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Okay, I'm not a golfer. I'm a photographer. This review is a bit sideways.
Now, I have to say that I've been here many times. Attended some PGA events over the years, member/guest stuff and event some weddings...all in the old building. Dark, old...let's just say...it was a clubhouse. Don't get me wrong, the course was gorgeous and clearly the money was spent on the upkeep of the fairways, greens and traps. It's a GOLF COURSE!

Fast forward to September 3rd, 2011.
I had the privilege of photographing a wedding reception at Hazeltine National Golf Club....the NEW clubhouse. WOW! Nice! From a photographer's standpoint it's visually stunning...the lines are great the grounds around the outside and the various structure appearance made for a really terrific backdrop for formals and the Bride & Groom's first meeting!

The ballroom? Sorry. NOT a fan. Once you enter the doors to the ballroom you could be in any ballroom in America. BORing! Dark and Bland.
The corridor just outside the ballroom doors is FABulous! Great energy and light for candid guest shots and the courtyard/patio area with the garden is really pretty!

I just wish they had incorporated some windows in the main ballroom so you could tell that you were at a Golf Club...it's weird. Ballroom gets low marks from me.

Food was off the hook!  :)

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New club house, new menu, excellent food. Private club but if you can get in it is well worth it.

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Five star as an event.  3 star for food and beverage.  The menu says premium lager for a beer and that means Michelob Draft Light...not really a premium.

Food was tasty for an event, the organization was top notch, beautiful course (played once and whatever you think your handicap is, add 10 more if you are playing Hazeltine).

Very enjoyable event until Tiger tee'd off and then the mob scene following him became too much.

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I just went to the P.G.A. Championship here.  It is a huge course and it seems like it would take forever to finish it.  I've never played and I probably wouldn't because I'm not into golf, but it was very pretty and they had a nice set up for the tournament... and they had Tiger Woods which was alright too.

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