Hayfields Golf Club

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This is definitely your grandfather's county club.

I guess when you live an insular life, you need a club like this to belong to.

I've been here for two business meetings and found the entire facility, from its lack of good signage to pretentious staff simply stifling. I won't be back, the vibe feels alien.

I guess if you are the bluest of blue blood and demand things to be just so, then you'll find a haven here.

If you are the next generation of leader in this area, you'll walk away knowing that this facility doesn't cater to your type unless, of course, you conform to bygone rules.

Waste of money unless you have so much money that wasting money is what you do.

Tip: Do not, under any circumstance, wear jeans on the property or you'll be escorted off the grounds. Sure, you can wear the goofiest shorts and flip flops without an issue, but keep the denim at home.

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