Hawk Hollow Golf Course & Banquet Facility

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Best golf course in bath mi & a great place to work & great people

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Great East Lansing upscale public course.  For the quality of the course, the price is right.  The clubhouse and pub staff are super-friendly.  The guys in the pro shop honored our foursome coupon when we only had 3 players, allowing us to save $20 a man.  Very cool.  

The course is difficult but fair and local knowledge is definitely helpful on many of the holes.  When it's windy, the course can be quite tough.  There are lots of holes of note.  Number 17, for example, is a very close replica to #17 at TPC Sawgrass (aka, the island green).  It can come across as gauche, until you realize how few people who play here might have the opportunity to visit TPC Sawgrass.  This make the hole seem like a nice tribute, and a difficult 1-shotter to boot.  

I definitely hope to visit again.

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Hawk Hollow is a very nice golf course, but even if you're not into real golf there's more there for you in the way of mini golf (which I'll cover first to hopefully catch the people who wouldn't read the review of the entire course).

The Little Hawk Putting course is one of the best little secrets that greater Lansing has to offer.  It is insane how many people live in this town for several years and never hear about this place.  

The Little Hawk is a mini-golf couse with 18 holes.  The twist is that you're not going to see any windmills or clowns here - the Little Hawk is all dirt and real grass, manicured better than some actual golf course greens I've played on.  This makes for a very unique, fun, and challenging experience.  

I've brought people to this course that have been golfing their whole life and have never seen anything like it.  If I lived an hour away I would still probably make it out here fairly often to have a good round with friends.  

There are sand traps.  Water comes into play (those are the real whoops moments).  There is fringe and rough.  Someone in your party will make a decision about taking an unplayable lie (the first time they'll generally make the wrong decision and try to play it  ^_^).

The Little Hawk Putting Course at Hawk Hollow is some of the best fun you'll have in greater Lansing for under $10.  Bring your family, bring your friends.  Bring a little bug spray if you're playing in the evening.  Bring an extra ball, or even your own putter if you want to feel like a seasoned pro.  

Now, for the real golf.  Hawk Hollow has several courses.  

There are 27 holes at Hawk Hollow's main course, winding through a relatively new subdivision.  It's a bit pricey (though they have good specials - try playing a quick nine on a weekday), though worth every penny.  Challenging, and full of water - I lost at least 4 or 5 balls the last time I played.  There are some great hole setups, and lots of hills.  Unlike a lot of courses around Lansing you don't just find straight and flat fairways to a green - there are plenty of shot decisions to be had.  

Across the street (Chandler rd) you'll find Eagle Eye at Hawk Hollow.  Very pricey, but also very nice.  It's another 18 holes, so you have plenty to choose from.  I'd start on regular Hawk Hollow unless you're really feeling like throwing down some cash.  Beautiful course.

Across the street and down a little bit you'll find the Falcon at Hawk Hollow.  It's a bit tucked away off of State Road, so make sure you know where you're going.  This is a small 9-hole par 3ish course.  If I'm not mistaken it's 5 par 3s and 4 par 4s (might be the other way around).  Whereas the other courses might drain your wallet a bit the Falcon is almost impossibly cheap, though wonderfully kept.  It's not as challenging as the other courses, or as hilly, but it's a great course to walk when you just want to relax and play some basic golf.  It's also a fantastic place to bring beginners who are just learning.  If you go on a weekday you're likely to have the place to yourself - the fact that it's a bit tucked away seems to have limited the number of people who know about it.

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