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Played this course on a Sunday ($105 for visitors).  They call it a "Championship Course"  The course was Ok, but what was distressing is they permitted groups of 6 people to play a round.  It severely slowed play.  And then when mentioning this after our round was over their response was, "We make more money this way."  No apologies, no I'm sorry we made a exception today.    Simply who cares what you the customer think about it?   Would never play there again.

If they are going to charge a championship type rate, then they should run it in a championship way rather than bush-league way.  In addition the rental equipment was quite poor but that is another story.  Would definitely not recommend this place to anyone.

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$12 kama'aina rate for the Par 3?!  In a place where $100 rounds of golf can be the norm, yay for cheap golf!!

The Hawaii Kai Par 3 aka Executive Course is great for beginners.  At $12 (to walk) and $22 (with cart), you can't go wrong.  While it's not the nicest or best kept course,  while it's not the most challenging or difficult course, while there aren't ice cold towels waiting at the clubhouse, it's definitely great for working on your irons and short game.  No hole goes longer than 200 yards and you should never need your driver.  The people are a mix of parents teaching their kids, retirees, and younger people just looking to have a good time.  No pressure, just a relaxing day of golf and amazing views of the East Oahu coastline.

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We decided this course as our home course.On the way from waikiki to here, road is very scenic.You can enjoy the Beautiful ocean and beach of Hawaii. Other almost golf course is located at the west side of waikiki,scene is mainly consist of mountain,not so scenic.
Golf course is always windy.So temperature is cool even if in Mid summer.Course is little bit tricky. Once upon a time,Hawaiian Open tournament was held in here. I recommend everyone to play golf here.

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I am an avid golfer HDCP 9 that plays 4X a month mostly on the Ewa side of the Island. My group decided to play Hawaii Kai recently and here are my comments:
THE GOOD: the starter was gracious and offered a discount/yardage book. The weather was awesome...now for the rest of the round
THE BAD: When checking in, I inquired about a seniors rate and the response was "NO NEED"...yes..."NO NEED" yet he took my $52 and headed to the 1st tee thinking the course was full...I wasn't surprised there were few golfers so NO NEED? I thought the idea of business was to generate revenues?
NO Marshall to encourage faster play...a single behind us joined and we waited 15 min. on at least 3 holes.
NO Beverage Cart...a missed opportunity to generate revenues
THE UGLY: This is most troubling when the course condition is marginal at best.
The greens were burnt out with multiple types of grasses, The tee boxes were crowned and burnt out and the rough had a lot of grass clippings that prevented faster play!
Having managed multiple courses, the attitude of "NO NEED" mystifies me as I would think they really need more play and the course condition validates this. There are other much better options that offer Seniors rates and better service. It is obvious the course has financial challenges and are not meeting them well.
Well the decision is back to the Ewa Plains and play where we are wanted, service is good and course conditions are light years better

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I have lived here for almost 2 years, driving by this place at least 3-4 times a month. Each time...I wonder how expensive it is to play here?  But since I gave my clubs away before moving to HI, and I'm not rich, I never bothered looking into it. I mean...this place is right next to the ocean! You pay top dollars back home to golf on something like this!

My friend and I have been talking about hitting a bucket of balls so I finally made my inquiry.  I looked on their website, and I was right...it's $43 for the Par 3 on the weekends! But...I did a little more digging...and of course...this is the reason I love living in Hawaii.  Kama'aina rates are $15 for walking, and $25 for driving.  O.M.G.!!! Sign me up for every weekend please!!! Only thing...you must call the Pro Shop to make your reservations.  I quickly tried to find a set of clubs to purchase, but ended up borrowing instead.

Driving Range
This is my first time going to the driving range since the Mainland. Couple things very noticeable...and not flattering.
1. Bag of balls are $4.50 - one size - cash only
2. You have to pay for your own rubber tee - $1.50 each
3. You put your balls on the ground, there is no bin that keeps them in place next to the mat
4. The side nets are really low, so if you're on the far right and have a mean slice to the right...better be careful not to hit the golfers!

Par 3 - 18 holes
This is a beginner's dream! The fairways are easy and short. I've only played 3-4 times in my life, and that was 10 years ago, and it made ME look experienced! The green is fairly manicured, not very many obstacles and if you slice your ball in the bushes, it's easy to find. In fact...we found 6 extra balls looking for ours! The road is NOT maintained and very rutted so be careful when driving. It will get bumpy!  They "kind of" encourage drinking, since they have a refreshment cart come by, and every hole has beer cans half full at every tee! We tee'd off at 3 pm (3 people) and played for 2.5 hours and didn't finish so will probably take 3-3.5 hours to finish if you are a slow beginner. 2 people might finish in 3 hours.

Green Fees
Their website for Championship course is $115 with cart. Executive course Par 3 is $38.50 weekday / $43.50 weekend, but kama'aina rates are $25 weekends with cart / $15 walking. After 3:30 pm, it's only a few dollars less, but once 5 pm hits, the mosquitoes come out so either bring bug spray or finish early! I was told the carts must be returned by 5:30 pm.

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