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I recently attended a wedding at the Haverhill Country club. Both the staff and manger of the facility were unprofessional and unaccommodating. The manager was very aggressive towards guests as well as the bride and groom. They rushed through the toast and cake cutting so that most of the guests were not aware it was even happening. When a guest mentioned this to her waitress (who had just told us there was a lot of left over champagne), the manager came over and scolded the guest and called her a liar.

The staff served food randomly, many guests received food late/had to chase down staff members. When my sister in law requested a child's meal, the waitress complained that there were too many children which I found unprofessional. No guest is looking for excuses, just service.

The manager also attempted to shut the bar down early and threatened to call the police because "the music was too loud" rather than resolve the dispute in a professional manner. Apparently some of their members had complained about the music. It was a wedding, the DJ had two small speakers. If the facility cannot accommodate DJ's they shouldn't agree to host weddings.  Even after the groom attempted settle the dispute with the manager, she still approached the bride to complain further. Completely inappropriate behavior that was obvious to every guest at the wedding.  

If you are considering this facility for an event, it is not worth it. They will make your guests feel uncomfortable. No one needs additional stress on their wedding day.

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