Harvard Gulch Golf Course

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I've never played a Par 3 course before but this one was a blast.

Nothing fancy, but the greens and course in general were in much better condition than I expected for $9.

Free loaner clubs (nice for a left handed out of towner like me) and no one seemed to care that we carried on a 6 pack of beers! Actually for a dollar or two more we got a koozie with our greens fees, so I'm pretty sure the beer part is actually encouraged.


Nice way to get outside for a "good walk spoiled."

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Had a blast playing night golf on my birthday this year. The course was fun and challenging in the dark. The staff was friendly and got us checked in and setup quickly. Simple little par 3 course, so dont bring a bag full of clubs or expect golf carts... yes, people, you do have to walk which makes it even more enjoyable. Can't comment on green conditions, as we couldn't see it, but it didn't seem too bad.

Will definitely come back to this place, especially since it's only a few blocks from my house. Night golf rules!

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For what it is, this place is a gem! Par 3 9 hole course, you can play in an hour at a convenient Denver location.  I think it's $9 and Worth every penny. Sometimes you find cigarette buttes on the ground, other times you find yourself getting hit on by another twosome, sometimes there is an adorable redneck couple golfing in their overalls. But you always leave with some great stories and having had am awesome time. This ain't no disco or country club. ... This is Harvard gulch.

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Grab $8, your 9 iron, a wedge, a putter and beer and you're good to go.  Quality of the course is just alright but it's always a quick, fun round of golf

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Golf to me is usually as exciting as watching paint dry, but when my work treated us to a "golf day" at Harvard Gulch, I couldn't resist jumping at the opportunity to learn, drink beer and play a few rounds. Having only golfed once before, I don't really know what I'm doing [somehow that  changes after a few cocktails...] but had fun none the less. Here's the breakdown:

1. Course is neat, clean and perfectly green with the perfect view of the mountains.
2. Staff is friendly and super accomodating for our large group. They set up tables, chairs and the like to keep us comfty!
3. Although our rounds of golf were paid for, it's pretty cheap to play a round yourself!

Don't rent your clubs here. They provided us with rentals to play with, but only provided a putter. SO...i spent the entire  game with the wrong club. Thank god i had my team to carry our scores!

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