Hartwood Golf Course

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Great course tucked way in eastern Clark County. This is my favorite course for working on my game. The staffers are always great to talk to and do the best they can to keep up the pace of play. The price is great for the quality of the course. Obviously, greens get soggy when it rains, but we do live in Washington State :). The par 4's are great for practicing with the driver. I'd love it if they added one more par 4 Hole (is there room?)

Overall I give Hartwood 5 Stars because they do a great job to give golfers a pleasant experience.

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I go to Hartwood pretty frequently and I really enjoy it! My dad, brother, and I go here to enjoy a nice round of golf on a course that isn't super demanding of quality golf skills. It's also good to work on your irons with a couple par 4's if you itching to drive the ball

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My  dad, mom, brother and sister took my wife and me  to this course today. My wife and i are new to the sport but were very excited to be there. My dad, mom and sister went together in a group and my wife, brother and me went in a group. It was finally our turn to get to go. We were at the starting spot when the older senior man who workes behind the counter came out and told us we were going to slow and needed to move faster. OK. We moved on. We got to the 3rd  hole when he came over to us again caring his golf club and said we were still going to slow, he said we need to break protocol and just hit the ball. Now i a bit frustrated. We move on. We caught up with mom and dad  at the 5th hole. We were all waiting together for the  people in front of us to finish up so we could move forward. HERE HE COMES AGAIN! This time he started off by saying "people that hold things up give the course a reputation of being a slow course". Kind of hard to go forward when the people in front of you are still not done? The people in front of us got done and mom & dad and their group moved on. We were waiting for them to clear the next green and this guy stared in on us to hit the ball. My wife and sister were now together in front of my group and about two thirds of the way to the green.  This guy is now telling me to just hit the ball. He says "there is no way you can hit the ball  that far". He was most likely correct but i was not going to take the chance. I got mad and left. Dad stepped up and hit the ball into the next green. Good thing he was more patient than me. The rest of my group finished. My dad, brother and sister play all the time. They all told me that they had never had this kind of experience at a golf course before.

This would have been a great experience if it had not been for the man with white hair chasing us around the course.


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This is decent as far as Par 3's go. We went yesterday and the greens were pretty slow and soggy, but well kept.

The course is pretty open with only a few sand and water hazards, almost of I mangaged to avoid.

I'm just getting into golf (after being constantly forced to play as a child) and it is courses like these that make me like it because they are short, easy, and you can get a feel for the ball.

The price is still $11. I rentend on of the nice push carts, not the pull kind, to help my back out a bit for $5....the other carts were $2. Not to shabby for some golf, exersice and sun!

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Decided to check out this 9 hole course this morning (Saturday). Cost: $11. Nice, open, clean and well kept. Little clubhouse for snacks and refreshments.

The course is mostly par 3's with a couple of 4's. Good simple place to work on our iron game and hit a drive or two. Quiet and a beautiful morning.

Oh...and I enjoyed the first 9 so well I played another round.

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