Harrisburg Country Club

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I really like the authentic dinginess of this divey bar/burger joint. That and the name Harrisburg Country Club.

The other reviews are lush with nostalgia, which I appreciate. But I stopped in just for lunch to see for myself, and had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. My bill for that and an iced tea was $9.60--which seemed a bit much for competent but unexceptional pub grub. It is next to the new light rail expansion down Harrisburg, so maybe the prices are anticipating a new class of clientele.

The Harrisburg County Club has a great name, an old icehouse vibe, and the most industrial, postmodern-movie vista of the Maxwell House coffee plant a block down the road. It's a precisely non-pretentious place to relax and maybe get a bit rowdy, but nothing exceptional to Yelp home about.

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I've never actually been inside the Harrisburg Country Club, but I have gotten it to go.  The only thing I ever eat there is a cheeseburger with tater tots.  They are fried just right.  When I come to work slightly hungover, this meal takes care of that.

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Well, my days at the Country Club are pretty much over. #1BF! and I have moved to Austin, gotten married and grown-up jobs and health insurance, and don't spend nearly as much (or enough) time lingering over beers and fried food in dimly lit bars.

We did happen to be back in the old neighborhood while attending TEDx at U of H, and I insisted we head over to the Country Club. Seriously, who would pass up cheladas and chicken fried steak for boxed lunches and awkward networking?

I was ecstatic to see nothing had changed. Literally. The bartendress was wearing the same bedazzled princess shirt as the last time I was in. The same three old guys in MIA and VFW trucker hats were camped out, cackling over their budweisers at Maury Povitch. There was still clamatto in the fridge.

And the food. Oh, that sandwich. Hot, crunchy, chicken fried steak with cold, crisp lettuce and tomatoes. Thick, high yeasty bun - perfect for taking the greasy beating a sandwich like this can dish out. Onion rings lightly battered and fried 'til tender, not overcooked and booger-ish.

I'm glad to know that the Country Club really is that fantastic, and that it's not just the glow of nostalgia. Now, to figure out an excuse to get over to the second ward again...

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