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I joined Harmon in the "early" days when membership was low.  At that time I loved the place because you could go out and play 18 holes on a weekend very quickly.  Also, the original chef in the restaurant was incredible and I found myself bringing my family there several times a week to get dinner.  

Around 1 year and change into my membership, the club began to reduce the joining fee (and actually got rid of it for a while) so memberships grew very fast.  The quick 18 hole rounds were replaced with long 9 hole rounds.  with no rangers on the course, no one was there to speed up the 7am group that always went out first and set the snail pace.

Also, the person who ran the restaurnat left or was let go and someone new was brought in.  The chef also left.  The menu changed and the food was not as good in my opinion. We stopped going there due to many bad meals over the course of several weeks.

With that said, the club still has a lot of things going for it.  First, the range is gigantic.  You will never have a day where you have to wait to use the range.  And the heated bays for winter practice are awesome as well.  The club also had a lot of demo days where manufacturere would come and you could try out new equipment.  Those days were a blast. I spent a lot of money on new clubs because of those demo days!

The short course (holes range from 40 yards to maybe 90 yards) is a great place to practice your short game or for litle kids to learn the game.  I found myslef on that course a lot more than I thought I would and saw my handicap being to improve a lot thanks to my recovery game improving.

The putting greens, bunker areas and pitching areas are also great.  The club is probably the best place in MA to practice your game.  The only issue with the club from a golf perspetive is the slow play on the regulation course.  I will say, however, that the slow play nor the lower quality of the restaurnt were the reasons why I ended my membership.  I left because my wife and I had 2 children and I was unable to justify the cost due to lack of time.

At some future date I may reconsider joining even if slow play is still an issue.  As I said, you can't find better practice facilities around here.

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Best Golf Club I've ever been to.

Harmon works perfectly for me because I don't have the time to play 18 holes (I have kids) and I love to practice. The learning center is hands down the best in the entire Northeast  - cool place, lots of pros & top juniors use it as their home away from home.

Food is real good, 5k s/f gym with full locker room is nice. Place is well priced -  $185 including golf, gym, great learning facilities - best $ I spend every month.

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