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So nice that it can save even the most doomed wedding.

Last night we went to a wedding here. It was a mess. The DJ was unable to keep the wedding on track or get people to dance. The cake was too small for everyone to have a decent sized piece. There was family drama and people had no idea how to dress with two women showing up in all white, one woman showing up in a see through dress, and men looking like pirates.

But the wedding came out well regardless because this place was wonderful. The view was fantastic. It looks out at the river with perfect landscaping and floor to ceiling windows. The hors d'oeuvres were amazing. I fell in love with the crab cakes. I am convinced they used fresh crab instead of canned because it was so fresh and sweet. The venue was sophisticated and elegant. Dinner was good though less so than the appetizers. I had the short rib which was moist and tender but tasted more like a good pot roast than a short rib. This is especially true because they removed the bones which takes away much of the rich flavor and short rib character. But it was still tasty for catered food. The bar was well stocked and generous. And the service was exceptional.

The only drawback to the place is that the dj station was placed in a position that made it hard to hear outside at the wedding and to hear clearly in the hall area because a wall blocked the sound. Also they were painting the outside so the railings near where they had the wedding smelled like paint.  And finally, the chairs that they had for the ceremony were plastic, flimsy, ugly, and uncomfortable.

That said, if you go in with these things in mind, you can fix all of them with good planning. As a result this place isn't perfect but is very very very nice. I would recommend this place for a wedding. Just remember to get the BEST DJ that you can because the DJ really makes or breaks the wedding as it almost did last night.

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