Harbor Ridge Golf Course

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This course is a work in progress, the question is, will it ever finish.  Billed as a luxury 18 hole course to perspective home buyers, the local economy has tanked and development of the back 9 has come to complete halt.  The front nine is still a young course, but its maturing a bit. It features a lot of blind shots and two difficult par 3s.  The greens typically have a tremendous amount of break and are usally fast.  There is still a lot of unfinished homes on the course and recently the water levels are way down on the hazards. So much so that the huge lake on the Par 5 5th hole has dried up on occasion. So much so you could walk out and retrieve your ball in many cases. Nice for you, but it doesn't make for a good looking course.

The owners of this course may/may not be in financial trouble, I've heard conflicting reports and not sure of the validity of that.   This may someday be a great course, for now, its just an average 9 hole course.

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