Hank Haney Golf Ranch At Vista Ridge

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I've hit balls at DFW ranges over a very long period of time and none compare to this one.  In fact, it is not just a driving range but is a first class practice facility.  Everything is well maintained.  The tee turf is excellent and the balls are always in good shape.  The staff is friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

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Pretty nice facility.  A little on the pricey side.  That's to be expected with Hank Haney's name on this place.  Most people know there's a driving range, and an awesome one at that, but there's also a 9 hole golf course hidden behind the trees, which I've heard was pretty nice.  I haven't played the course yet, so I'll just be commenting on the driving range.

This is no normal range.  There's actually a rectangular pond that you have to clear when you're going for distance.  I found this layout useful as I used to have fears when hitting over water.  Hitting a couple of times at Hank Haney has helped me get over most of my fears of water on the course.  If water isn't an issue with your game then it's just something that's different and pretty to look at while you swing away.  There are also small islands in the pond if you're looking for targets to shoot at.  If you have friends with you it's also fun to bet who can hit closest to a chosen target.  Seems like that always happens when I'm here.  Now, the bad part.  With a large body of water also comes a large population of mosquitoes and other bugs.  Be sure to bring a can of bug repellent unless you want to become a meal.  I learned the hard way the first time I was here.  Not fun.  There's also a chipping/putting green if you need to practice your short game.

For those that are serious about shaving strokes off your score card this is also a complete golf school.  Private lessons are also offered here.  Again, can't comment too much on these things as I've never experienced either (too rich for me).  Maybe if I hit the jackpot..

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Always nice to walk in and find a place to hit.  Friendly staff.

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My level is novice so I'm not sure how qualified I am to give a good review, but I thought since this is the first review, there are probably some out there that would like to know.

This is a 9 hole course with driving range over water which is kinda cool.  There are two putting areas.  I'm not sure if one of them is for those with trainers.  There is also a cool chipping area where you try to land the ball on a small platform on water.

First off, the sand traps are nasty, nasty, nasty.  Since I am a beginner I won't even try to exit a sand trap there because I value my wrists.

I think there are 4 par 4s and the rest of 5 holes are par 3s.  There are 2-3 holes where the first shot is over water depending on which tee you start at.

Being the novice that I am, the fairways seem a little narrow, so it's probably a little fun for those wanting a little bit of a challenge.  There used to be a lot of trees and leaves, but it seems they've cut down about half of the trees there used to be a few years back.  

The course is next to a skeet shooting range so your nerves better be steady since shotguns seem to always be going off.  Mostly a problem from around holes 2- 5.

The green can be down right hard at times during the summer when the weather has been dry.

Last thing, I find a lot of slow players there.  I swear, the last Saturday morning I played there it took 2 and a half hours to play 9 holes.  That was ridiculous.   And there are NO marshalls to move them along.  Players behind us pass us, while we are waiting for groups in front of us we are waiting on, with not so much as a "May I?" or "Thank You!"

In summary, I think all the water makes it a nice place to play.  I got used to the shotguns.  The course is somewhat pretty and tranquil.  I have not gotten used to the slow players.  I deal with the sand traps and hard greens in summer.  

Oh!  And, I have NEVER seen Hank Haney!  :-)

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