Hamilton Farm Golf Club Inc

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Fabulous food great service and everything first class! The steak I had was perfectly seasoned, perfect temperature and the side dishes were awesome without floating in butter. Lots of gracious but casual attention and there's a great bar/pub that serves lunch too. My kudo's to the chef! Great meal even if you don't belong to the club or play golf.

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An amazing palace! Impressive location and a well preserved slice of history.  The lobby and back patio are comfortable & informal. The dance & dinner tent look out over the great green golf course. Accept the wedding invitation now, and put the party on your calendar!

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There was a time in my life that I played golf thrice a week. That seemed ages ago but my love for the game has not waned although my skill as a golfer has considerably faded.  We attended the Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA) match play at this golf course and I was so excited to be at this golf course.  Michelle Wie played and as expected, hordes of her fans were present and cheered for her.  In the end, they were disappointed as the her opponent won.

Hamilton is actually a difficult course especially the hilly parts.  The golf course was designed by Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry, with holes that play uphill and downhill, over and beside ponds and wetlands, out in the open, in the trees, over deep ravines and gentle meadows.  I'm a bit surprised that there were portions of the rough that were not tended and were overgrown with grass. The Clubhouse is as good as can be expected with a view of Hole No. 1 and of the driving range. Maybe there is really golf in heaven. :)

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