Hallbrook Country Club

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This is an outstanding country club! I've belonged to other but, hands down, this is the best. Food is excellent as well as service. Highly recommended!

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Hallbrook is as good as it gets in the world of private country clubs in KC.  The short list of the most exclusive clubs in the city would have Hallbrook near the top.  I have the good fortune to golf here a few times each summer for business and I love the entire experience from dining to club house facilities to golf course.

The course itself is insanely difficult, it's a Tom Fazio design that had to be dialed back a few years ago because it was so hard to play.  The course is also amazingly well designed and beautiful.  

Local legend says that the USGA has asked Hallbrook to host the US Open Golf Tournament on several occaions but that they club always declines so as not to disturb the members and damage the course.

If you play here, add at least 5 strokes to your normal score to set your expectations.

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