Hackberry Creek Country Club

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We bought a deal from IDealGolfer for a round of golf at Hackberry Creek. The deal was for "Valid any time Monday (if open) and Tuesday - Thursday".

The pro shop refused to honor the coupon for Thursday morning. No, it wasn't because they were busy, they just said the coupon was wrong and refused to honor it ("Mornings are for members only"). How in the world is that ethical or legal? Well, actually it is neither.

We'll be asking for a refund from IDealGolfer, but my advice is to not do business with Hackberry, since they seem to be unwilling to honor their commitments.

He would not play this course again.

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I went to the place for a job function. They have this one room that I think is spacious enough for you if you are trying to hold a function like a wedding reception or business meeting. The course is beautiful outside and the service is good in terms of taking care of the clients that come in. Catering was good too.

My only complaint is that the air condition was either too cold or too hot. They couldn't seem to keep the temperature right in that room. We ended up having to open the doors since it was an all day meeting at the location.

Overall, its a pretty nice location. But having attended many different country clubs, unless you live nearby, I don't think its worth getting a membership.

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As a young executive member with my husband, we don't exactly take advantage of  the plethora of family-oriented social opportunities, but the highlights for us are: 1. the golf (my husband) 2. the pool (love it, with minor exceptions) 3. the gym and 4. the restaurant (namely, brunch).

The golf course is very well maintained - as a surrounding neighborhood resident and avid runner, I see all the effort in the early morning hours that goes into keeping the course looking its best.  Come torrential rain, unexpected 12" of snow, or just the typical 105F heat, they really keep it up well.  It's not Pebble Beach, but there's clear effort in maintenance.  Note: the course typically is not open Mondays, except holidays.

The pool is quite refreshing on the many a hot summers' day.  Towel service is a nice bonus, and whether it's a plus or minus in your book, there's a concession stand with food and beverages right on site (read: you cannot BYO-anything).  For water fitness enthusiasts, get there early on weekends to snag a spot in the single lap lane.  There have been many times that I wish parents would reign in their kiddos to enforce a bit more respect of people wishing to get a few laps in, but it's a family-oriented amenity, so it is what it is.  Again, typically not open Mondays, except holidays.

The gym is not huge, but it really has a lot of the essentials and doesn't get a whole lot of use, so you can get in a near uninterrupted circuit without the delay of macho man with headphones admiring his biceps of a typical gym atmosphere.  There is a personal trainer offering (for added cost) and several group fitness opportunities throughout the year.

And... the brunch (Sunday brunch to be more clear).  Delicious.  Tons of options - lox with all the fixins, omelette station (made-to-order), sausages, pastries (including cupcakes!), oatmeal, waffles, bacon, etc. etc. etc.  Mimosas and bloody mary's may not be bottomless or whatnot, but they're quite good.  So you may expect all that deliciousness to run you a pretty penny, especially at The Country Club... au contraire!  At $14/adult, it's a screaming deal in my opinion.  So if you're a member, make a date with the family to hit up the weekend brunch, and if you're not a member, either become one, or make friends with one!

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Love it! Have ben members for 6 years. Very good for families.

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Played here today with a member.  Great track!

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