H Street Country Club

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Tried to order a quesadilla tonight with 1/2 mushrooms, 1/2 chicken and the bartender said no.  I asked him if he could request it from the kitchen and see what they say, he said no.  Power hungry much? Not terrific service, at ALL... and the place was DEAD for a Friday night!  It would've been nice if they tried a little harder to better accommodate individuals to try and keep their "repeat" business of coming back on off-times...

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Skeeball and Mini Golf!  Inside!  With beers!  I love this spot.  This is the perfect late night fun after a show at Rock & Roll Hotel.  Don't go because you're looking for the most complicated or intricate mini golf, but go for fun and strangers who will quickly become friends.

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Great concept. Poor execution.

Came here after dinner one night for a couple night caps on a Saturday night. Absolutely love the concept and the decor. So fun and lively!

Games were fun but a bit of a crap shoot. We really wanted to play shuffleboard, but it was impossible to tell when the previous player's hour was up. We ended up pissing them off by hovering over their shuffleboard tables every time they took a break. I would suggest the staff implement some kind of system here. Maybe that is being a bit of a prima dona, who knows. There were a group of 3 people hogging the Jenga the entire night, so we ended up not really getting a chance at anything we had come in for. I'll chalk this up to lack of common courtesy.

We ordered Brooklyn Lagers from the bar, and I think the beer was bad, but we drank it anyway. We both ended up with horrible stomach aches. I would've like to have said something, but the staff weren't particularly friendly and relatively unapproachable. We were snapped at a couple times for stupid things.

I'll come back here next time I'm in town and give this place a second chance, but from the rest of the reviews I'm reading, it just sounds like they need to put their sunshine pants on.

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Manager was very rude and had no clue what customer service was. In fact it took us 45 mins to get food, drinks or any service. They were not that busy to my recollection. The staff has no sense of humor or know how to make small talk with you. Didn't explain any drink specials, and then shoved us out. Oh yeah they over charged me twice for the drinks. Had to ask to have them taken off.

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Brunch Review!  Boyfriend and I decided to go to brunch on a whim and went here bc it had brunch until 3pm.

After being promptly seated,  our server, who was very nice, took our drink and food order. After that, we waited for 40 mins for our order. We ordered a fruit bowl as an appettizer, which our server never put in, so we never received it.

Our steak and eggs came out 45 mins after we order it. We asked the server after about 30 mins if she could check on our food. She then explained that the steak and eggs takes longer than all the other dishes. It would've been a big deal of she wouldn't have just told us that initially. We wanted to take advantage of the jenga, ski ball, etc, but we didn't bc we thought our food would come out promptly.

Steak and eggs were okay. We ordered our steak medium, but it had a ton of pink in it. I would've described it as definitely more medium rare and there was a lot of salsa on the dish which is great, but the hard tortillas that came with the dish were soggy when the dish came out.

I was pretty disappointed in the experience and I definitely won't be back for brunch.

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