Gunpowder Golf Course

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Dear God this is a magnificent golf course and at $15 to walk the best value in the DMV.

It is extremely hilly so I would recommend riding - the holes really hug the landscape and it is truly like an Irish or Scottish parkland course.

Because of the wet spring the course is in absolutely tremendous condition , the greens are all perfect - one or two tee boxes are a bit scruffy. I knew I would love this as soon as I had a birdie put on #1 - I even had a pin high five iron for an eagle chip in from 22 feet, which was a first for me.

It's gonna get pretty beaten up over the summer so get there quickly !

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No comment.

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Let me start off by saying this, the only way that I would EVER play at this golf course again, would be if EVERY other golf course in the state of Maryland closed.
I had a day off, wanted to smack that little golf ball, but save a few dollars at the same time. The next time, I will just pay a few extra dollars and play somewhere else. Trust me, its not worth it for the overall experience you will have at Gunpowder.

1) The Pro Shop is an absolute joke.
2) There are no tee times there. It's a complete and total free-for-all. You just walk up, pay, and play whenever you feel like it. No organization whatsoever.
3) I was almost clocked upside the head FOUR times by other peoples tee shots while I was on the fairway. It's as if nobody checks the fairway for other players b4 they tee off.
4) 99% of the cart path is unpaved. So you are bouncing up and down, and zig-zagging over rocks, dust, dirt, and debris the entire course. When you bring the cart to a full stop, it takes 5 minutes for the cloud of dust and soot to settle.
5) The cart I received was the absolute DIRTIEST cart that I have ever rented in all my years of playing golf. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in YEARS! On top of that, there was trash and junk still in it from the prior rental.
6) On a lighter note, the wildlife on the course was abundant and vibrant. I counted close to 6 plump, healthy groundhogs, over 30 deer, and countless squirrels and birds, etc. I think Gunpowder would be better served as a Wildlife Preserve, than a golf course. This is not a sarcastic joke folks. I really think they should close the golf course, and let it become a protected, state of Maryland wildlife preserve.

One thing I will say though, is that they have a decent chipping and pitching area in the front of the property.
I will definitely use that area to work on my short game in the future.

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If you like elevator golf (hills) on a very basic course for not a lot of money , this course is for you. It's nothing fancy, just plain golf. Just be careful & check the ground for rocks before you hit, or you will find yourself having to buy new iron(s) or wood(s). If your a slicer/hooker, bring extra balls(lots)

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Gunpowder is a lower middle class golf course, which is why I really like it. For the budget conscious, it costs $14 for 18 holes on weekdays. That's only 77 cents per hole if my calculation is correct. 77 cents! Granted, it ain't no Pebble Beach here; but, for someone with my piss poor skills, it was perfect--not too many stuffy old men sucking on fat cigars rushing my game.

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