Gunpowder Golf Course

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Great course for the money. ($15 after 5:00 with cart). The only reason it's not quite 5 stars is because some of the cart paths are not paved and can be a little rough. Golf carts are newer and pretty nice. Wasn't a lot of traffic on the course. Clubhouse was really nice.

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If you are looking for a solid course that won't kill your wallet, Gunpowder is the course for you.  $12 to play on weekday afternoons, and $5 if you play 1.5 hours before sunset.  My rounds as a single generally take 2.5-3 hours, and I'll occasionally pass a larger group in front.  Why would you go to the driving range with prices like this?

The back tees are really the only choice here, unless you are a beginner.  It's a nice looking course with trees guarding almost every hole, so you'll be penalized for straying drives.  There aren't a lot of signs telling you where to go but they provide a map and hole descriptions so it's not too hard to figure out.  The posted distances on par 3's seem off, so that will take a couple of rounds to get used to.

If you aren't a golf snob and enjoy playing at a good price, this is worth a try.

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Compared to other public courses, it is not that good. But you get what you pay for. The ground is so hard to hit off of. It's so hard that it actually broke my clubhead off my seven iron. I left after second hole

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Please ignore the negative reviews and go play yourself a good round at a cheap course that is interesting, beautiful, and in pretty good shape.  I'm glad I did and will be back.

I just played here and really liked the course. It is very hilly so take a cart or you'll be getting a lot of exercise. The conditions were good. The course is beautiful and I really enjoyed the variety of terrain. It ranks as the most interesting course I've played on in the area.

The starter was a very helpful old man - he even went looking for my first tee shot for me. They do not have tee times, which is a bit lame, but I got on right after I got there at 9:30 midweek.  Pace of play was rather slow probably due to this (4.5 hours and I waited at virtually every hole, on the back 9 especially).  I was a single paired with some guy.  Later he split.  Two singles after me caught up at the 10th hole and joined me.

There is virtually no signage at all on the course, whether telling you distances, which hole you are on, or the shape of the hole. I use a golf app so it wasn't an issue, but still, I was glad to be playing with someone who knew which way to go to the next hole.  They have no water on the course and no one drives by in a refreshment cart.  There's a single port-a-potty at hole 9. With the variety of terrain, taking a whizz in a bush is a breeze.

I paid $31 for 18 with cart in the morning (that's $17 plus a whopping $14 for the cart).  $2.50 for a decent hot dog (rather big) for lunch.

On the phone they said they don't have a range. First thing I see when I pull up is a range. I didn't use it but it looked like all hitting off the grass.

I must disagree with most of the negative reviews, some of which are years ago. The girls in the shop are not pretty.  The course is not rocky at all except for the paths, but what do you expect?   Fairways are a bit narrow at times, so it could be a challenge. I happened to play the best golf of my life so it didn't phase me.

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Obviously the greens fees have gone way up.  I was here on a weekday at 3PM and I was told it would be $24 to play.  For some stupid reason, twilight doesnt start until 5:45.  Only nice thing about this golf course is they hire nice, pretty girls to work in the pro shop.  Most of the fairways and tee boxes are in horrible condition.  Anybody who pays more than $15 to play this course at any time is overpaying.

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