Gross Francis A Golf Course

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I found the course to be just fine and dandy. Well kept and just challenging enough without being impossible. My reason for such a low review is because of the way my friends and I were treated by the staff. It was myself and two of my friends. We're all in our early twenties. The course rangers followed us practically non-stop as though we were dogs on a leash. Many times interrupting our game to talk with us about nothing and then proceed to sit far too close for comfort as we hit our shots. But what really put the icing on the cake was once we got to the last hole. Let me add that I am a male and my two friends with me we were female. One was golfing and the other was not. The woman playing with me was perfectly content playing a leisurely game and playing from the white tees with me. However, when we finally got to the last hole, one of the rangers who was on our tail decided to interject. He WOULD NOT ALLOW my friend to play from the white tees. As he put it, "It's against the rules for women to play from the white tees." I found this incredibly rude and far out of place. I like to golf and I understand that their are different tees for different situations. But that's only necessary in tournament play. Not when I'm trying to enjoy my one afternoon off all week with a couple friends. The only reason my rating is two stars is because I did actually enjoy the course. It was lovely. However, I will never be attending this golf course again because of it's archaic ideals and lack of eauality.

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Not a 4 star on its own, but defintiely a 4 star in value! After playing at quite a few city courses for a league, this might be the only one that I'd actually pay to play again.
6pm and on for weeknights - we got in a quick (but HOT) 9 holes for $15 per person walking. What a deal! The greens were slow but in great shape, and it was a very nice course to walk.

Had it not been 100 degrees and eager to get home, I would have loved to check out hte very nice looking clubhouse!

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I like this traditional old course. They have done a lot of improvements over the last few years and it has gotten better. I like the fact that I can usually walk on and find someone to play with - during the week.

Reasonably priced golf, spartan clubhouse with snacks and a small shop area. Nobody goes out of their way to be helpful here, but it works OK for me.

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