Greenwich Country Club

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I was denied membership because I am only a millionaire and not a billionaire. How dare they discriminate against a poor millionaire such as myself.

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This review is just for the polo matches.

Yes, polo conveys the ultimate in wannabe WASPness.

But that's what makes going to a match so fun. Especially at the Greenwich Country Club.

Polo is surprisingly cheap if you are not thirsting like a wannabe NYSD social climber for entry into the VIP section.

No one goes to the matches. So they just charge a flat rate per car, like $40.

The matches are a hoot.  

There's always a rich owner of a polo team who insists on playing alongside the expert Argentinian polo players he purchased to win matches.  The rich owner inevitably sucks.

I can't play polo to save my life, but it is utterly hilarious to watch these owners try to keep up with the real polo players.  Its sort of like watching an 8 year old play alongside Kobe, Nash, Dwight Howard and Pau.

One time, a horse and Argentinian polo player fell.  I wasn't really paying attention. Rumor has it that one of the rich owners screwed up and caused the Argentinian to have to take a fall to avoid killing the idiot owner.

Anyhoo, I was appalled to hear much of the crowd express more concern for the horse than for the Argentinian polo player.

F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in the wrong era.

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