Greendale Golf Course

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Really nice course.  Very well kept and fairly challenging holes.  Unfortunately, like most courses in DC, it's pretty pricey, and it's $17/person for a cart.

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Course was in decent shape and a good value for the money.. The staff inside was VERY nice and helpful. The starter (old white guy in his 70s) was an arrogant prick from start to finish. He threatened to throw me off the course for life because I was putting on 18 at 7:59 and the course apparently closes at 8. With all the competition and different courses in the area, I probably won't be back just because of this individual. I recommend going on GolfNow and booking a tee time in the same price range to receive better treatment.

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Greendale Golf Course in Alexandria, VA is another facility belonging to the Fairfax County Parks Department (FCPD) family of nine. I should clarify a few things about this group - two are par three courses, Burke Lake GC (18 holes) and Oak Marr GC (9); two more are short, executive nine-hole venues, Jefferson GC and Pinecrest GC and there is Pleasant Valley Golf Club, which like Laurel Hill Golf Club is an upscale 18-hole setup. However, where Laurel Hill is managed by FCPD, Pleasant Valley in Chantilly is not; it is managed by Golf South, Inc.

Even though Greendale was opened in 1973 as the second FCPD course, it has "little brother" status among the four remaining 18-hole offerings despite a wonderfully challenging layout. Greendale has some glaring shortcomings that keep it from being the star it could be along with those just noted and those at the Twin Lakes complex (Lakes, Oaks courses) as well.

For my full review as well as photos of the course, please visit my site below!

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Greendale, for the money, is a good course. Sure, it is really slow to play, but it is pretty, easy to walk, and reasonably fun. HOWEVER, the greens are so slow. At any other course they would be considered fairways. Expect to take full swings to hit 15-ft putts. It makes for a really annoying round.

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Horrible Management = Horrible Golf Experience

Was playing with two friends on a Saturday 5/17/2013. Was stuck behind a group of 5 using 3 carts. Pace of play up to that point had been around 6 hours. The Marshall drives up to us on the 6th hole and tells us we need to play faster. Now if you are a golfer you know that being stuck behind slow play is very annoying, but understand that it happens from time to time. However, to then be told you need to play faster when you have clearly been stuck behind a slow group - it's not a good feeling, let's just put it that way. After the round, explained what happened to the Manager at the clubhouse who responded saying that the group of 5 only actually had 4 people playing. Totally missing the point!

Don't expect any customer service or common sense at this course.

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