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Green Pond Country Club owns the land along Green Pond Road and Farmersville Rd, otherwise known as Green Pond Marsh, which is deemed an Audubon Society Important Bird Area as it is host to over 160 different species of migratory birds who rely on this land a a stopping ground on long journeys to and from their destinations. GPCC wants to sell this land to a developer who will put up to 300 homes on this property, destroying the wetlands that are there and ruining this area for the migratory birds that rely on it. The principal land conservation organization is interested in purchasing and preserving this land, met with GPCC and sent them a letter in June of 2012 expressing their interest in purchasing this property, but GPCC refused. Here was there response was that they appreciate the Conservancy's interest in the 68 acres, but they are proceeding with the developer. Not cool. This is a rare area, and there is not another like it anywhere else. Please consider this in your dealings with GPCC. The residents of Bethlehem Township and members of environmental and bird organizations across the country would love it if GPCC would sell their land to a conservation organization instead of a developer.

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My wife and I got married here a few years ago and her sister got married here last year so I've seen recently what Green Pond has to offer twice.


1.  The food is very good. Nothing that is served would qualify as being gourmet or will blow you away but it is solid and nothing will disappoint.

2.  They have non-BS pricing where everything is included with no hidden extras.

3.  The rooms and the grounds are very well kept.  Everything looks great in photographs and everybody will truly be wowed.  

This is definitely not a Dutchy fire hall or VFW.

4.  Brian Drake (the F&B manager) is very easy going and he is 100% non-high pressure.  He is usually very willing and able to go the extra mile to accommodate any and everything most people want/need.


1.  The servers are mostly 16-17 year old kids that are quite green in the concept of serving food in a timely manner, and like Peggy G. mentioned, things will be S-L-O-W because of them.

2.  The menu is simplistic.  If you looking for anything top shelf or out of the ordinary you're not going to find it here as Brian has things short, sweet, and simple for his kitchen to push it out if the servers could actually keep up.

3.  Brian is not the easiest person to get a hold of and it's not uncommon for him not to respond to an email or voice mail for a few days.

Also for things like scheduling a tasting of the food, if you don't call him to set up a time he will never call you to remind you.  So if you forget, he's not telling you.

Also he mentions that he'll give the groom/father of the bride a few passes to play a round of golf.   He's got some short arms with some deep pockets when it comes to coming up with the golf passes

I'm still "waiting for mine" and my wife's sister never got hers either.

Overall Green Pond is a solid reception place and is one of the best in the Valley, quirks and all.

Is it a 5 star place?  No, but it's definitely a solid 4.

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I had my wedding here. I would give it 5 stars, but unfortunately we had some issues.  

Pros: The price is excellent and all of the food was incredible.  The room looked fabulous and the grounds are great for taking formal shots.  Overall, our guests enjoyed it there and we had a great wedding.  Brian, the food and beverage manager, did a great job!  They were very accommodating with my signature drink, and had it butlered during cocktail hour.  It was a hit and tasted great!  They even went through the trouble of getting all of the pink lemonade needed for the drink!

1.  Some of the wait staff were rude to my mother and sister during dinner.  My mother was served the wrong dish.  She was told by the waitress that someone at her own table was eating her salmon.  Later, my mother found out that her dinner was actually given to my aunt at the next table.  (Don't they make a few extras for this type of problem?)  My sister asked one of the servers for a piece of cake and she told her to go to her seat and get it.  (Would it have really been that hard to just give her a slice from the tray?)  

2.  Dinner service was very slow.  It took 2 hours to serve dinner to 160 people.  Which leads into why we had the next problem....

3.  Since we only had about 2 hours of dancing, we wanted to pay for the optional extra hour.  The bartender told us that she would not do it. (I didn't know that the bartender had the right to deny us the extra hour in the first place!  A heads-up would have been appreciated there!)   She said some of our guests were too drunk, when actually everyone was quite tame. And any guests that were too intoxicated to drive had ride home or were taking the shuttle to the hotel.

I didn't understand why she felt she had to close the entire reception because our guests were fine and the wedding was actually pretty tame.  We also had a shuttle to take everyone to the hotel, so there was no need to worry about DUIs.  

Basically, I lost 20 minutes of my reception while my husband talked on the phone to Brian and got nowhere. I finally convinced her by appealing  to her emotions.  I told her that I get to do this ONCE and I want the extra hour.  

So in the end... we got the extra hour.  She admitted to overreacting.  We had a great time, but I still get mad when I think about this one blemish in an otherwise perfect day.

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Pros: Novice golfer, just started playing this summer, so, it's hard for me to sort of gauge the quality of the course in terms of layout relative to other courses. Overall though, I enjoyed the layout, the fairways, greens, etc. Thankfully, not very hilly at all, pretty flat and pretty forgiving fairways, meaning they were pretty prescient and straightforward. Plethora of trees throughout, which made things challenging. Great value course!

Cons: Fall season, so, there was a lot of foliage on the course. Seems like the course could of been a little bit better maintained. They can certainly use some better tee markers and better signage throughout the course. Also, the staff seemed kind of nonchalant. The starter was no where to be found and when he finally showed up, he just handed me a golf cart and walked away. Didn't help me with my golf bag, didn't give me a scorecard, didn't direct me to first tee, etc. Also, no real big deal, but, there was a golfer wearing jeans, which I thought was a little odd that they would permit that.

Overall, it's a great value golf course which offers exciting game play.

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My cousin Bob and I played the course on 03/09/09, just before the official season began. Please take that into account when considering my review. We drove down from the Binghamton area to take advantage of the 50+ temps. We arrived around noon and found the course empty. It had rained pretty hard the night before and the course was "walking only", so we rented push carts. They have a nice senior rate, which my cousin was able to take advantage of (I've got about another 25 years to qualify). Considering the amount of rain they got, the course wasn't soggy, so drainage appears ok. The layout is competent and straight-forward. None of the holes seem jammed in or out of place. The fairways are narrow in spots, and wild tee shots can get you into trouble. We were fortunate in that our bad shots almost always bounced back into play. When they didn't, we often had a shot, or an easy pitch back out to the fairway. The greens held up surprisingly well considering the winter we've had. You can tell that they're really nice in prime season. The bunkers were hard packed and full of stick/debris, but that wasn't totally unexpected. There are a couple little water hazards on the back 9 that are out of sight off the tee. Check your g.p.s. or hole diagram carefully. The "pro-shop" was quaint and had some nice items for sale. We didn't have time to check out the grille. All in all, we had a really nice time at Green Pond and would consider a re-play if we find ourselves in the area again.

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