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My husband and I celebrated our wedding reception at this amazing location this past summer.  I can not rave enough about the care and consideration the staff and team offered us to give us the perfect wedding reception!  Liza, our coordinator, made sure every detail was taken care of and attended to and we didn't have to lift a finger day of.  It was amazing and they even allowed me to give them my mother's enchilada recipe for the guests.  ALL of the other venues we looked at had a fixed menu with 3-6 options total.  I've never felt so special and important as I did working with this site and I only wish I had the need to work with them again.  Several family members and friends are still raving to me about how great a time they had.  I consider that a huge success!

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Millbrae has been blessed with an outstanding golf course - for years! One designed by none other than Alister MacKenzie, acknowledged as one of the world's greatest golf architects.  In the past few years, they have demolished their old Spanish clubhouse (from the 1930's) and built a functional, modern building while retaining the Spanish influence.  It has been an unknown quantity for many years but is now gaining the respect it deserves.  Play the course and see why it holds a high slope. Throw a party at the clubhouse and see what a talented, courteous and devoted staff will do to ensure your enjoyment!  Visiting golfers are constantly amazed that this course is here - so close to everything and yet you can only see it from the air.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I do!

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I worked at the Green Hills Country Club in the mid 1990's in the kitchen working under the executive chefs ( whom was a really great chef that was full of knowledge, and in my opinion was also a really great guy to work for).  He really wanted you to expand your knowledge  and  encouraged  his  cooks , apprentices  and Sous Chefs  to learn as much as possible in hopes to one day becoming  Executive Chefs in charge of there own Kitchen or Restaurant   somewhere  in the Food and Hospitality Industry. To put it simply he was very nice, encouraging and really want to see his cooks succeed.

Chef Dave ( sorry can't remember his last name) . Hopefully I got his first name correctly . Unfortunately for me he bought an establishment  in another part of the Bay Area that was too far for me to commute and I was going to school full time any way.  This turn events ultimately resulted in cutting short my education from a truly inspirational encouraging

Chef / Professional.

I worked for maybe a year in total. Somewhere between 1995-1997

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I attended my cousins wedding here last summer in 2013. The
Venue is beautiful with a pretty green golf course, friendly staff and  Private parking. The food was delicious too. I ordered the salmon plate and let's just say there was nothing left on my plate. The dance floor is in a separate room than the dining area so it made it difficult to see everything for those who were sat on the other side of the room. But the place is very classy and little decor is needed which was probably nice for my cousin.

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I agree with reviews on weddings, I highly recommend Green Hills. Our wedding was held in Aug. 2013 at Green Hills. We wanted to plan a wedding in less than a year and were looking at countless venues all over the Bay Area as I'm from Millbrae and my husband is from the Valley. With over 200 guests we were on a tight budget as well.  My mother had recommended Green Hills after a company event and soon after my husband and I loved it. Liza was great to work with and was easily accessible via email/phone calls.  There are no hidden fees, she will go through step by step what your charges will be. The day before and the day of Marlon was there to cater to all our needs.  Staff was great and kept things going esp. with us having 200 people plus children. In addition, we had a lag time between a church ceremony and the event.  Staff got guests situated, fed, and not to mention kept the wine flowing. Liza recommended having passed hors d'oeuvres and wine, which I'm glad we chose.  Guests did not have to wait in line or worry about squeezing to a table or bar.  What is impressive is the scenery you can't get from a hotel. We were actually going to go use a hotel just because it was closest to our budget but we were not happy with the look and feel.  Green Hills gives the feel of privacy and openess, basically in the evening you have the place all to yourself. The grounds are beautiful for pictures as well. I hope that I can attend an event there soon :). Note: there are some rooms for smaller events if any one is thinking of a shower or reception dinner..Thank you Liza and Marlon!!

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