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We had our wedding at Great Oaks CC. We signed a contract with GOCC not knowing that we could not bring in linens. Also, we were told 8 guys could golf for a complimentary service but only 4 were allowed. We were told that our bridal party booked a certain room at the country club but upon arrival for the wedding we were put in a conference room. We had no idea until we arrived. They also ran out of a few types of beer- how does that happen? :) also, make sure you understand that you cannot bring in cupcakes and there is a cutting fee if you do not use their baker.

Good news- Stephanie is very organized and made sure our decorations looked beautiful. She helped us clean up and made sure everything went smoothly. We was helpful when making decisions and everyone raved about the food. A few of of guests were incoherent, and Stephanie had some of her workers watch these guests, (unfortunately).

Just be sure to ask questions of extra expenses, what you can bring in, where your wedding party will meet, etc.

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It was your typical wedding (snoozefest) - The DJ ceremoniously played Kool and the Gang's Celebration, and all the humdrum rituals were accomplished, fake smiles and  all....yaaAAWWwwnn....ooh..sorry....remembering this night, puts me to sleep. Seriously!  So...besides all the cliche wedding formalities...the food was pretty good.  Dinner started with a salad, gourmet lettuce topped with walnuts, blue cheese, onions, tomatoe...and our dressing choices were ranch (??) and french (??) psshhh....what-eva!  I'm sure that was the choice of the dearly beloved.  I had a wonderful salmon and it had a tasty garlic sauce atop it, along with some nicely done aparagus, accompanied by some rice.  I quite enjoyed it.  The wedding cake (again not the fault of the GOCC) was Nyasty!   Service was great, they were really on top of things...and by on top of things I mean, if you set your bread down for one second, they were there to snatch it up! happened at our table (true story!)  Drinks were good, and flowing with ease...I guess when they're free it's all smiles for me!  My only complaint was that it was a warm muggy night, and it was not that cool inside this hall.  I was dripping sweat as we said our goodbyes for the night...DRIPPING!!  

The valet service deserves their own review as they TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!!!!  I had a small snafu with my car and they went out of their way to be helpful to us.  They were the highlight of my night actually!

I wondered after, if this is a true country didn't seem like it to me.....

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