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My great aunt's 90th birthday was held here last week and I was really impressed with everything Grassy Hill Country Club had to offer. I can't speak to the golf course, as a. I don't play golf b. that wasn't the purpose of my visit.

Anyways, the country club is easy to find, and absolutely gorgeous inside. When I think of a country club for a banquet, I think of an outdated, usually poorly maintained facility that is easily confused for a funeral parlor. This is not the case with Grassy Hill. Everything was updated, well maintained, well decorated and clean. The food we dined on was delicious and the plates had nice presentation. To top it off, the staff was very friendly, incredibly professional and accomodating. I have worked in a banquet server role off and on for years so I can always tell when the staff is slacking or has it together.

If I lived closer to Orange, I would consider Grassy Hill for a shower, birthday party, reception, etc.

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Grassy Hills is just alright in my book. It's a membership course that allows public to play.

Quite honestly, it's a bit difficult to write a review, because, although I've played here quite a few times, there isn't much to be remembered about this course.

It's not that the course isn't nice, or fun, or any of that, but somehow, the feeling is just kind of "blah".

There isn't much to the course in the way of design or obstacles/ The staff is friendly but also kind of stuffy at times, like it's some kind of privilege to be on their golf course - this isn't Augusta, okay boys? Loosen up your belts and untie your panties.

The course is maintained relatively well, and there is a good mix of long and short holes. You can walk or ride, play 9 or 18. All standard with your run of the mill 18-hole course.

It seems the grounds overall could use a little attention and beautification.

There isn't anything that necessarily pushes me away, and I would go back. But I'd also rather play Orange Hills or discover a new course altogether. Unfortunately, there isn't anything about Grassy Hills that really pulls me back either.

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Came to Grassy Hill Country Club for a wedding reception. Nice location and a nice establishment as well. Beautiful interior, and a perfect room for a reception, including a little dance floor in the middle, for those that like to "Partay!" or "Boogie on the dance floor!"
Had a great time at the reception and the Country Club was definitely a big part of it.

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