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This is golf at its purest.

Grandad's Invitational Golf Course is a 9 hole oasis tucked away in the middle of nowhere.  This course started as one putting green next to "Grandad's" house on part of the pasture for dairy cows.  Over time it has developed into a 9 hole course ranging from 42 yards to 213yds.  Picturesque, easy to walk, and few clubs needed.
This is a walking course, no motorized carts available.  There is a soft drink machine on the porch ($1) and a basket of balls where you may purchase used balls at .50 each.

Below:  How to pay, course description, anecdotes.

Park across School House Road in the cleared area available.  Grab a few clubs and proceed to the "Starter Box."  There is a white mailbox.  Deposit $5 if you want to play 9 holes, $10 for 18+.  Move on to hole #1, the most intimidating of all 9 (see below).

They keep the course in great shape, for what it is.  Do NOT expect country club quality greens or tee boxes.  You're playing on somebody's back yard.  The fairways are good, the rough either woods or blueberry patches.  The greens are tiny.

Hole #1: Cedar Knoll is a 42 yard knee knocker OVER the pond.  By the looks of all those little white objects in the water, many have let the pressure get to them, myself included.

Hole #2: Cranberry Bog is a 76 yard, straight away shot where the postage stamp of a green is guarded by trees.

Hole #3: School Lane is 200 yards of "don't hit it left."  The wooded area on the left and behind the green are ball magnets.  Hit one in there and you wont find it.  You may find 2-3 others though.

Hole #4: Pine Heights is 151 yards and very difficult to reach in 1 shot.  The green is fully protected by 4 very tall trees.  If you can hit a ball into orbit and 130 yards, you might hit the green and see it bounce 20 yards off. A little right of the green is a sand bunker.   I go for it every time. (what an idiot)

Hole #5: Blueberry Topper is 140 yards to a two level green.  Can make for an interesting putt.  Don't hit long or say goodbye to your ball.

Hole#6:  Left Dog Leg is the longest hole at 213 yards.  You can't see the green from the tee box and it's well surrounded by woods.  Lay up or you'll be looking for your ball like I always am.  The green slopes to the back right, keep this in mind when chipping on.  If you find yourself in the "rough" to the right, pick a few blueberries while you're there.  Yum.

Hole #7:  Apple Grove is 125 yards to a green that has a slight right to left slope.  Open straight to the green, but the apple trees right and left will grab your ball if you aren't accurate.

Hole #8:  Spruce Knoll is 100 yards of difficult shot making.  The back is surrounded by woods and the front-left by a bunker.

Hole #9:  Watering Hole brings the pond back into play.  The hole is 63 yards away on Grandad's original green.  Hit the ball 65 yards and it will stay wet in 6 feet of water.  Best approach, hit the berm in front and let the ball bounce up.

Note on all the greens:  They look a little rough but roll pretty true.  You can go for the hole because the ball will slow down.

I was visiting my sister and her family in the month of June.  No lie, I played this course 7 times in 2 weeks.  During the week days, not many are on the course and you can play the course in under 90 minutes.  One of my rounds 28 holes in 1:45.
I took her whole family out to learn how to play. Perfect outing.

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