Grand Lake Golf Club

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A Gary Player designed golf course located in the country side of Montgomery. A GPS can only partially get you here, and you will have to buzz at the guard gate for entrance through the neighborhood.

Not sure if Gary Players lives out here, but there are some very nice homes all along the neighborhood, but far enough off the course. The gas powered cart reminds me of a go cart race through the winding and sometimes off road path in between the holes.

The course has a tough layout with some blind looks and rough along both sides. And then there is the lack of trees, which is hell on windy days.

There are a few down sides:

No club house, just a metal building with some chips and drinks.
No Cart girls and you wont see the club house till # 18.

So load up the supplies and hit it straight, there is no place to refill drinks or buy extra balls.

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