Gracewil Country Club

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Had our corporate golf outing there the other day, first time I had ever heard of Gracewil and certainly the first time visiting.

First off, the title "country club" gives the impression of something much more than you get. The "country club" inside needs updating and the layout was terrible for a post golf outing lunch, especially since there were 100+ people trying to get through a food line.

The course itself was just ok. Nothing to get all excited over. Very hard to navigate though as the paved paths just randomly cut off and you have to drive on the grass to the next hole. It's interesting to figure out if you are actually going the right direction or not.

During our outing the girls driving the beverage carts around the course were smoking, which seemed very unprofessional and NONE of our carts had a roof, which again gave the impression that were clearly on a low budget golf course.

I will say that the food was great and there was plenty of it to go around.

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