Governors Club

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Great place, wonderful people, good food!
Wonderful golf  :)

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I go to the Governor's Club Governor's Club whenever I visit my parents, who live in the neighborhood. It is all too perfect and manicured for my taste.

But honestly, the food is pretty good and knock-out consistent. It is a bit pricey, and the food is nothing experimental or wild, but it is consistently tasty, classy, and well-prepared. The crab bisque is a community favorite, and quite good.

The highlight of coming here is the service. The staff are simply exceptional and extraordinarily accommodating. Greg made his (in?)famous Manhattan for us, and made sure we were well taken care of, even if the food did come out at a leisurely pace: our meal took nearly three hours. On Sundays in the summer, they have an outdoor grill thing happening, and that's pretty good too.

If you dine in the dining room on the left, there is a no blue denim and no graphic tshirt policy. Other than that, it is pretty casual. The bar side is even more casual, but we're talking white pants and expensive izod shirts here, not ripped shorts and plastic flip flops.

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In terms of dining, the club offers you two unique dining experiences.  You can either go the formal route and sit in the main room (no denim) or have a more casual dining experience at the bar.  You can't really go wrong with either!

Sports enthusiast?  Then this place is for you!  You have plenty of activities to keep you busy ranging from tennis to golf.  If you happen to be around during the summer, the pool is open and offers you the choice to either swim casually or in the two available lap lanes.

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Lovely neighborhood that has beautiful homes. Everything is perfectly manicured. My parents live here and I love coming back to visit. Besides the beautiful grounds, all of our neighbors are wonderful. Great place for empty nesters!

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