Goodwin Golf Course Maintenance

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Goodwin Park/Golf Course. You can barely call it either.  Can't tell you how many years I've driven past this park and never gone in.  Not quite sure why we decided to stop this time.  Apparently this park is for people who are too cheap to play golf on a better course and for people who want to smoke weed and do other nefarious things in their car. Oh sure there were a few people (who looked like they didn't belong in the area) walking around with their ipods and expensive digital cameras exposed. I'm sure if the sun was down any little lower, they would be quickly relieved of those items. I was also informed that HPD does a few patrols in the park. I could not see spending the day here for any reason. Just a quick brisk walk (I don't trust mofos) and a wave at the duckies, and we were OUT!

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