Golf Club At Circle C

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For a course with tee times that cost $100 on weekends, I expected a lot more. The day started off bad when we bought some drinks at the snack bar. We asked for a cooler and were given a plastic grocery bag filled with ice. The excuse was that people were stealing the coolers so they stopped giving them out. This is texas. With 100 plus degree temps, a cooler is needed. Take a drivers license if you are worried about theft. The scorecards have no layout or map of the course either, so you are left guessing what the hole looks like. Finally get to the first tee box to find it mostly dead, which is pretty much how all the fairways, and greens on this course looked like. Most of the greens had large bare spots as well. The course also had two porta pottys for bathrooms. I've played on courses half the price of this one which have nice permanent facilities. There was an abundance of staff at this course, all of which were helpful, but  it seemed like they didn't have much to do. How about cutting back the hours and spending some extra money on actually watering the course. This course used to be in good condition. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe new ownership? I'm not sure i would play this course again even if it was $25. Just about every other course in the austin area is a better deal and in better shape.

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This course is amazing!  Staff is nice enough to allow us to tag on another 9 holes after finishing our 18 at no charge.  Very beautiful course too.  Only reason for 4/5 because their golf carts are gas powered which sounds like go-karts that you would see in the magic kingdom of Disneyland.  Their green was just aerated which messed with my short game a bit but nothing of too crazy.  Overall, love it!

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Let me start by saying this layout is great, its one of my favorites in the area.  Greyrock also has some great people working there in the grill and the pro shop Ryan, Max, Brian,  and Laura are great and very friendly.  

      Unfortunately the fun stops there.  First off gas carts, (who buys/leases gas carts on a course this flat?) they are just loud and bothersome. (Especially when your Marshalls do not respect the people actually playing on the course and just zoom around aimlessly)  The course conditions get a 3/10 or 4/10 on its best day (no this is not a joke).   I have played there multiple times over the last year to only have conditions seemingly worsen each time.  They are renovating some or all of their bunkers, but in the process dumped the sand right off the side of the holes, so now you have mounds of sand all over the property that are not marked and are for the most part in play (unless your some awesome golfer who never misses a fairway).   A couple of the new bunkers (especially the practice bunker) are already showing the white liners that were just installed months ago. (not sure what happened here)

      The greens are slow, bumpy and have not been in good shape more than once in my experience.  There are foot tall weeds growing in the fairways and in the rough (where the bermuda rough is only 3-4 inches high).  Im not sure what happened but it appears they have let this course go as of late or stopped watering, or both.  

      I played here this week and will not be returning unless I hear things have taken a drastic turn for the better.  To charge $70-$90 for this golf course is a crime.  $25-40 is the right price point for this track, no more.

      If you live in Circle C this is your closest option, if you do not, I would look for another venue to spend your hard earned $$ as the Morris Williams and Clay/Kizer (municipal courses) are in much better shape for a fraction of the cost.  Im very disappointed this place has taken a tumble recently, as I mentioned this is one of my favorite layouts in town, its just in awful shape and not worth the trip/money.

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I am going to rate the instruction, not the course.

I have taken 5 lessons from Brandon at this golf course. I am a beginner. I am addicted. I wanted to learn fast. Brandon offers a beginner course called "Golf Now" which is a great deal for 5 1 hour lessons at 150 total. I learned a lot. A LOT. I am glad, I spent time/money on lessons b/c otherwise I would have learned it all wrong. He is a patient instructor that seems to really want to help you learn. I will be back for more on the course instruction.

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This course is sub-par. Not worth the money. There were greenskeepers making noise around 10 of the greens, and one guy followed me around every hole to turn on the sprinklers as soon as I exited the green. Greens were shabbie. This course is worth $25 a round.

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