Golden Gate Park Golf Course

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An excellent value for a quick nine holes of par 3 golf.  A great place for beginners.  Tom, the Head Professional at Golden Gate Park is also an outstanding individual

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It's a fun little course with a low cost and a friendly staff.

I get out here every once in a while when I want to work on my short game or just get a quick round in.  On a quiet day I get get 9 holes done in slightly over an hour.

It is a great place for kids - which is unfortunately one of the problems.  It is great to see a father out there with his 6 year old son - unless they are in front of you.  Most people will let me play through so it's not much of an issue - unless the group in front of them is just like that one.

The other day I got through in 1:15, but had 2 holes where the flagstick was not in the cup thanks to the 3 teenage boys a couple holes in front of me.  I caught them and played though quickly.

Snack bar bar serves hot dogs and beer - Siera Navada Torpedo is in the cooler along with some other tasty options.

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Let me preface this review by saying I had a lot of fun here, and I will more than likely be back with a group. The reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because, well it is what is. It's a short par 3 course that is decently maintained, and somewhat crowded with pretty basic holes. I came here with my girlfriend, and like I said, we had a good time but the course itself wasn't incredible and at $20/head it's not an incredible deal either.

It is a pretty area, being as it is smack dab in the middle of Golden Gate Park. The course itself is pretty green, but aside from that nothing about it is extremely magnificent aesthetically. I think the point I'm trying to make is: you come here with low expectations, looking for a way to get outside and kill an afternoon. Don't come here expecting magnificent views and a fantastic round of golf.

I would suggest this place if your on a first date or something along those lines. The round itself only took us about an hour and a half, so it was pretty short. They have a club house with some food and beer if you want it. The course is short, and you won't need a cart.

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Golden Gate Park is a special place. Just when you think you've seen everything there, another part of it will surprise you. That's what the golf course did. It's tucked deep into the western portion of the park, only a ten minute walk from Ocean Beach. It's lined with beautiful Cypress and Eucalyptus Trees, and for mid summer, the conditions were great, save for the tee-boxes being a bit too shaggy. This course is no "pitch and putt," with many of the holes close to 200 yards long, it will test your long irons, short irons, and putting. There are many elevated tee boxes, which provide great views, and for $20, you get 9 really fun holes. I'll definitely be back. Glad to hear the course is under new management, and I hope they keep getting this course into better shape.

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If your a beginner, I don't recommend coming here. I have played courses all over the world, some more fun than others, yet GGPGC is one of the worst run I have ever played. Nice designed course, terrible customer service, un-friendly and I hate saying bad things about public courses. I became a very good player, growing up on some great public courses. I recommend paying more elsewhere, this place, In my opinion, needs new management or someone who cares. I cant believe they have "First Tee" here.

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