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I hosted a large conference (100+ people) just this last week. Gold Canyon Resort was not only responsive to our needs, but had some of the best customer/guest service. No request or last-minute change was too big - they were extremely accommodating.

Meals were excellent, accommodations were great, and everyone provided service with a smile. I would go back over and over again!

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Dinosaur is one of my favorite golf courses in Arizona.  The course itself winds through the Superstition foothills, and the elevation changes are spectacular.  The course has always been in the best condition imaginable, and the marshals are always helpful.

The first time I played it, I had the same doubts of other reviewers. The practice area is small,  only has mats, and you can only hit irons and hybrids.  The putting area is small and there are no bunkers or chipping areas nearby.  For those people from the North that haven't golfed during the winter months, it does not really give a person a chance to get their game together - which they will need to do to golf Dinosaur.

But once you get on the course, you forget all of that. The beauty of the site and the wildness is amazing.  I have seen deer, coyotes, cougars, and javelinas on the course, despite houses sprinkling some of the fairways.

A beautiful course, and the only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is the practice/warmup area.

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Absolutely love the golf here.  Played the Dinosaur course with a buddy who recently moved here when we were down on vacation.  The course was in great shape (November) and the pace was actually pretty fast  (4 1/2 hours) for AZ in November.  We played with some members who knew the place and they were a big help.  The views were spectacular and as much as I hate playing anywhere near houses, they were far enough back that  generally even I couldn't slice into their backyards.  The GPS on the cart was a nice luxury for someone who hadn't played there before.  The elevated driving range was fine, although I would always rather hit off of grass and not being able to my driver was a bummer although it didn't affect me on the course because I don't hit it that well anyways.
After golf, we ate at the restaurant and I had the Chicken Oscar.  It was fantastic, as were the numerous Bloody Mary's I consumed.  Probably the best ones I've ever had.  
I have to say though, my friend "knew some people", so we didn't pay full price to golf.  Maybe if I had paid full price, I would only say 4 stars but since I didn't it's 5!

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I only can comment on the golf courses (Dinosaur and Sidewinder).  The courses are really good desert golf courses.  Dinosaur is a true high desert course...playing shots up the mountain to trickle into collection areas along the course.  The greens are fast and require precision to get good scores....if your handicap is above 20....just enjoy the round, this course isn't where you're going to break 80 or even 90 for that matter.  The sidewinder I think is a really good golf course and actually includes the back 9 of the old Dinosaur mountain course (before the addition of another 9 per course).  You'll notice the 2 new nines pretty quickly...the Dinosaur new 9 runs through tract housing on some holes and Sidewinder is much more flatter.  I actually prefer Sidewinder on most days because of the more true test of golf...unless you consider good center fairway drives that trickly off into desert on Dinosaur fair??  Hole #14 I think on Dinosaur overlooks Superstition Mountain Country Club.... I used to work here when I was at ASU....GREAT GOLF COURSE IF U CAN GET ON!!!  Okay, if you haven't played GCGR you should play it atleast once and I guarantee you'll be back to play again.

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My boyfriend and I ended up spending a long weekend here because his grandmother had a week expiring on her timeshare with no one to use it.  So here we were!

We aren't golfers.  We came to see AZ.  We were in an interesting spot to do it ... we spent most of our time in the Superstition Mountains and Phoenix and then did one day trip into Sedona.  So from a proximity perspective, if you are interested in seeing more than just the Grand Canyon, it's a good spot.

Regarding accomodations, we really liked our little condo.  Although the furniture selection was a little random (like why have a love seat but no sofa), it was definitely adequate.  The beds were comfortable.  And we LOVED having our own private hot tub.  We discussed several times that we should maybe install one at the house!!  It was just great to get in a soak after a long day of touring.

We also really liked the restaurant on site.  There's not much to choose from in terms of eats in Apache Junction but the Kokopelli's was really nice.  I had a delicious salad with strawberries, blue cheese, and grilled chicken one night and fish over pasta the next.  Both were fabulous.  There was live music and the service was really good.  We met some super interesting people and so the conversation was flowing.  It was just a really enjoyable place to spend a night under the AZ sky!

One kind of crazy thing that happened was there was a huge mud slide that wiped out part of the golf course and filled the parking lot.  We couldn't drive into the resort for a couple of hours one evening as a result.  Luckily, they reopened the kitchen to serve us since we were late arriving.  I'm just glad we got locked out, not it!

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