Glenview Park Golf Club

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Not a good golf course at all, and at $50+ it isn't cheap either. The Glenview National Nine is better.

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Worst round of golf i have played in awhile, not that it matters to anyone...I did have fun nonetheless...

Didn't pay, so can't comment on that, but I want to say it was around $60, which was good value...The course was nice and well kept...Fairways were big enough, greens were huge and challenging by my standards...I lost a few balls, but mostly due to not paying attention (although I definitely hit a house with one...oops)

There were two intertwined negatives...when i got there the old guys working there ignored me and seemed to act a little rude, as they were very nice and friendly to everyone else who walked by...not a big deal...but then one of them drove out around the 6 hole and yelled at us to hurry up (it was a saturday afternoon.) We politely told him that we just waited at the previous hole for the group in front of us and it was not us who causing the hold up....he told us he didn't care and to drop if we needed to...dick move, dropped from 4 to 3 stars.

Also, getting there from the city wasn't a problem with my GPS, but otherwise it was kinda a pain, esp with 94 the way it careful you can easily pass the entrance.

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