Glendora Country Club

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We have been members for a few years now and we really enjoy it. My grand kids go swimming at the pool. They have a great brunch. The golf course is very nice and maintained well. Prices are not to expensive. Great country club

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We love our country club!!! Kids are on the swim team and we use the pool regularly to relax and entertain our friends.  Staff is exceptional and always attentive to our needs.  It is great to be a member of a place that genuinely appreciates your patronage and goes beyond your expectations regularly.  Cannot wait to see the renovation completed with so many new additions to come soon.

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My wife and I rented one of their banquet rooms for a reception for our baby.  

Robin is a very good person to work with.  He's understanding and very patient.

The room we rented was nice, but it could have used more lighting and there were pillars in the way that blocked the view of the slide show for some guests.  It had a great view of the pool.

The food was delicious.  We ordered the beef brisket buffet.  The beef got a little dry, but that was expected because it was constantly heated to stay warm.  The salads were terrific.

The service was wonderful.  The staff was polite and met all of our requests.  One staff member needed to be a little more familiar with the bill.  The bill already included service (an 18% charge), but when I asked her about the gratuity she said it was not included  and that I didn't have to put down any tip if I didn't want to on the final receipt.

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I can't say much about the golf course itself because I've never actually played on the course, but it looks like a spectacular course to play at. The facility is kept very immaculate. I take golf lessons here from Pete and Jeff Templeton - both are great golf pros to learn from. The food is pretty good as well and Sunday brunch is fun when you have all you can drink mimosas. The members are very friendly as well. Something tells me I will be back.

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I have been a member for 2 years now. When I first joined, the course was going through a rough patch. Valley Crest has been hired to manage the course, a new GM with experience with high end club rebuilding is giving us a new vision and a new you new exciting chef is preparing some very good culinary features.

GCC is becoming a younger, family friendly club with VERY!! reasonable membership pricing options. If you are an avid golfer spending more than $250-$300/month on golf, you wold be foolish to ignore this option.

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