Glenbrook Club

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As is the nature of a private club, it isn't exactly as one might say; accessible. However I believe that this particular establishment deserves some recognition.

Located in the most beautiful community on Tahoe, the Glenbrook Club is a treat for your senses, most importantly the one triggered by your taste buds, you know the one I mean... The scenery is sublime, with the lake one one side, and the golf course meandering through the pine forest on another. The food is even better. The restaurant is run by the Reno culinary genius Mark Estee of Campo and Chez Louie, so naturally the food, service, wine, and decor do not disappoint. Though the menu is short, the choices are the choicest, the an extensive wine list allows for the perfect pairing. Unfortunately the club is only open during the Summer months, but during the season activities abound. Golf, outdoor movie nights, dancing, and of course dining. The club is also the perfect spot for special events like weddings and parties, and such a venue is sure to impress.

So if you own or are renting a home in Glenbrook, or if you find yourself lucky enough to be invited, the experience would not be complete if you missed the chance to visit.

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