Glen Oak Country Club

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I was fortunate to be invited for one of Glen Oak's annual candlelight dinners. It was quite nice without being overly pretentious. Free valet and coat check (well, someone pays for it I'm sure, but as a I was a guest it sure wasn't me). Nice bar area with a roaring fireplace. Okay wine and whiskey selection, nothing over the top but definitely good selections available.

The dinner was served by candlelight, which was actually pretty swank. Food was good. Dinner wine was great. Costumed carolers were interesting.

Overall a positive experience. Holiday without tackiness. Kinda nice.

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I don't golf and I'm with Groucho on club membership, but I have have been here for a few fancy dinners and a fundraising luncheon to benefit Greater DuPage MYM (see my review - awsome organization) just yesterday.  It's a charming old club and they serve good food.  The nicest service.  There's always been valet parking when I've attended their events - I don't know if that's at the request of the organization holding the party, or if they always have it.  If I were looking for a wedding reception site, I'd look into this one.

Mapquest gives crazy directions - when you get to the intersection of Park and Hill, go EAST on Hill.  I've gotten messed up a few times trying to find it.

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