Glen Annie Golf Club

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I'm a beginner golfer -- so this review is strictly for the driving range.  $5 for 40 balls, $8 for 80.  You pay at the pro shop, get your token(s), and walk up to the driving range.  They don't use mats on Monday and Tuesdays they don't open till 11 am.  Otherwise you can hit on mats or on the grass.

It's a beautiful, well-kept course.  I can't say much else bc I haven't played on it yet!

Minus one star bc the pro shop isn't that well stocked: barely any women's apparel/accessories and no lefty clubs to rent out (bf's clubs aren't with him at the moment and he's a lefty).  However, you can rent out an entire set to play for $35/day.

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Can be found in the foothills north of SB with amazing views of the Channel Islands, UCSB, and Goleta.  This is a tight challenging track that can test your skills.  Always a good time.

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I dont think an actual golfer designed this course. Its just a terrible layout.  As if they only had room for 15 holes but stuck in a few extra...   To make matters worse the course plays 5 hours regardless of whether its busy or not...

The 1st hole is the worst opening hole I have ever played and the multiple short par 4's are a joke.  #3, # 4, #12, #13... what were they thinking?  Not to mention the 10th and its blind shots to nowhere...

The whole course is just lacking.  Whether its the ridiculous hilly lies, the blind shots, the spongy greens or the terrible range.  There are maybe 3 decent holes on the entire course.  

The back nine backs up 3-5 groups deep because they put a terrible par 5 as the 10th, followed by a nice par 3 (best hole on the course) then a drivable par least everyone thinks they can drive it.   I have never seen less than 3 groups waiting on 11 or 12... its a ridiculous design.

If you are a player you will hate this layout. If you are a beginner you will hate this layout if you're a senior, you will hate this layout.  I know no one who thinks the course is decent aside from a few folks who have never actually played elsewhere.  Save your money, go to Rancho San Marcos or even Muni and avoid the Glen.  Its a shame, for it could be good but until they do something with the layout, its the worst course in So Cal.

They really should turn it into a 9hole course with a practice area... it'd get twice the play and would make the course fun.  Its not fun. Its just a bad golf course with a jackass starter.. man that guy is a dick.

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Probably should get 2.5 stars, but not an option.  Definitely not 3 stars.  Honestly, the cart girls were really nice, but rarely showed.  Pretty stuck-up feel across the board.  Course is decent, but loads of bald spots.  Tons of bird crap on several greens.  Very inconsistent greens overall.

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I went to the golf club restaurant with some coworkers for a business lunch. We had to go inside to alert the staff that we were eating on the patio, which had a great view of the course and Goleta. The service was slow - we had to find our waitress twice and bring the check to her as well as retrieve it as we were left waiting.

I ordered a cup of the tortilla soup (overpriced at $5 for a cup) which I found average, with so much cheese that it was difficult to eat without making a huge mess. I ordered the Glenn Annie Salad with chicken which was possibly the worst salad I've ever eaten. It arrived in a giant pile atop the plate - all of the greens were soggy and almost warm. The chicken was sparse and tasted as if it was just defrosted. The only other vegetables were 3 slices of cucumber and 3 cherry tomatoes. The candied walnuts were a joke. They were nearly full sized walnuts and difficult to eat - very poorly done.

$17 later I was left with a queasy stomach. I would not recommend this for lunch and I will not return.

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