Germantown Country Club

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This place is cute for a medium-sized gathering of about a hundred or so people. It wouldn't be great for huge huge huge parties but was great for the party we were at. They have a large parking lot, clean, well-stocked bathrooms, and plenty of space for tables and a dancing area.

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I have been a guest at GCC  on several occasions in the past  year I've been playing tennis in Memphis. The restaurant is good, not great, but close to what I expect from a country club. The restaurant servers are attentive.
 The reason I haven't joined the Club is the state of their tennis facilities. The courts are cracked & uneven. Tennis pros seem unapproachable. The restrooms near the tennis courts are atrocious; filthy & not maintained.
 I was there 4 days in a row this week for the City Tennis Championships. The women's restroom was not useable Sunday to Wednesday. Women had to use the men's room which was not cleaned, had overflowing wastebasket, no soap in dispenser and no toilet paper. Many members & players & championship officials repeatedly asked the tennis pros, receptionist & manager to service the restrooms to no avail.
 I don't golf, but hope GCC's golf facilities are better cared for.  
 I hope club management will wake up. They lost a lot of good will & potential members this week.

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My parents have been members here since I was little. The food is good and consistent. We had brunch there today & I was impressed with the biscuits. :) Also, the fried pickles are good.

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40 years young... Germantown Country Club offers tennis, swimming, food and golf... all with views of the well manicured Bermuda and an impressive is the lifeblood of the Club though...

The course has an ~75 rating and you will rarely find yourself with an unerring tee shot... the 6th hole will test your temperament as a golfer and as a person... bu the full bar will make it all better on the 19th...

Really a nice place if you can tag along with a member or two... not really accessible otherwise...

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