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Over the years I have been at a good number of events at Garden City Country Club and I can only speak in the most flattering terms as it related to the food service and the staffers that shuffle meals and the management that runs the floor.
Professionals to the highest degree in their industry.

The golf course  
Is it just me or does an express Long Island Rail Road train, thundering down the tracks whilst preparing for your first tee shot of the day seem a touch distracting? Its a short and boorish golf hole anyway, but the par 3 second hole, assuming a back flag placement is a really good hole but your nerves will be frazzled if the last train did not disrupt your game, as you may just catch the sounds and vibrations on the next one. Its just odd that a course built in the early turn of the century, 1916 to be specific and designed by Walter Travis would be within such a close proximity to a rail road, or more specifically the rail road runs right through it.

Not much in the way of elevation change to the course, just some deep rough and smallish greens. This bodes well for some of the members, a few which I have played with, to NOT add more challenges to the course as this would be a disaster in terms of the time to complete a round. This is a social club as opposed to Garden City Men's Club which is a Golf first club, but you would need to know the game to understand that concept. (Not you, the other guy. The one with the vanity golf license plate that gives himself 4-6 footers all day and still cant break 100 playing from the white tees)

Playing 6,578 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70, you need a caddie to help read the greens as the breaks are subtle and a downhill put can land you off the green. Not much trouble can be had at Garden City CC, so the player should not have many lost balls or out of bounds penalties The course rating is 72.8 and it has a slope rating of 130.

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This review is about the Golf Course.

Wonderful condition, nice layout.
The perfect club to call home, its not challenging but a great round of golf all the same...

Fingers crossed I get to play again soon.

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Came here for a work event. GPS definitely got me a little lost. Beautiful exterior, inviting entrance. The buffet was less then appetizing. The sausages looked like...well I'm not really sure how to describe them, and was immediately disappointed i paid $35 and skipped my protein shake for this excuse of a breakfast. The eggs were edible and the pastries that were put out looked like costco specials, probably a tray of thirty croissants or muffins. NBD; no big deal.The staff was super friendly And attentive. The big room was sun drenched And beautiful.  Parking was easy.   Makes you realize how important what you feed your guests is, no matter how elite you are trying to be.

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Eff country clubs, and eff people who go to country clubs.  Seriously.  

Nothing about this place is as classy as any of its patrons hope.  In fact, I think the Garden City Country Club is as trashy as trash can be.  And I think that its patrons are equally as trash.  It's a subtle, almost hidden kind of trash.  The kind of trash that judges people solely based on their appearance, socioeconomic standing, and other most shallow type merits.

If you, unsuspecting yelp reader, feel comfortable in this sort of manufactured setting, where everyone has something to prove and nobody has any semblance of a personality, then this may be your type of place.  You probably love the drab wallpaper that lines every wall.  Perhaps it's the granite counter top of the ladies room that makes you feel superb.  Maybe it's the place settings, which challenge your knowledge of proper dining etiquette, that make your heart race.

Me?  I feel more comfortable firmly planted in reality, with people who look less than picture perfect, with people who have strange senses of humor, and with people who enjoy more than appearances.

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Lovely. loved driving around the golf carts.

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